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  • sledge sledge Jun 15, 2010 17:09 Flag

    Balls! (of the WC variety)

    It has been a very average WC so far, yes! And i think it's safe to put at least some of the blame on this new "beach" ball. Even our Gomes was last night saying how "horrible" this new ball is.
    So far every team has failed to impress, except of course the Germans. Who are strangely enough, the only league that have actually practiced with this new ball in their league for the past few months. Now that's preparation! You have to admire how they think and show so much attention to detail. And yet they play some very exciting football.
    I have no idea why in each of the recent World Cups, they always have to mess with something so basic as the ball! It makes no sense to me. Surely they'd like to have the best players playing the best football. Then they should keep to what they play with each week.
    I've obviously never played with this official ball, but it really does look very much like one of those that you get in supermarkets in a set for 3 for £5.

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    • As Wesley Sniejder said.....'so many free kick experts cannot all have an off day at the same time' (or words to that effect and with a slight dutch brogue).
      Apart from south africa's goal ive not seen a decent strike from 15-25 yards yet.
      As jimmy says this ball moves through the air like a cheap plastic toy you buy your kids in the supermarket...up, down, left, right and one gust of wind and its coming back at you!
      Are FIFA basically saying that the common or garden toe punt is the only way forward?
      As if our english clod hoppers needed any more to contend with...its excrutiating enough watching them trying to control a normal football.
      Who wants to bet that the next WC in Brazil is played barefoot on sand instead of grass?
      I really wish we could claim our game back from Fifa and invite all true footballing nations to join us in a new organisation. It might take a while but eventually those fat spongers would be sitting there holding their world cups in dubai as a demonstration sport on some obscure cable channel.
      Just a thought on a slow tuesday at work!