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  • patrix patrix Jun 20, 2010 03:01 Flag

    The irony.....

    Sven Goran Eriksson: entire england wanted to get off of him, he was payed with a lot of money and he didn't made any big performance so they fired him; Next- Steve Mclaren who didn't even reach euro 2008 (even romania who are rubbish did it), then come Capello who take even more money than Eriksson and the team is close to disaster. Conclusion 1: one of the most disliked person (erikson) made better performances than the next 2 coaches. Conclusion 2: no offence to english people but i think that this is a natural causes: england can't make a big performance, even there are always one of the favourites unlike italy (example) who almost always have weak teams but make big things at world cups, so i think it is a natural thinh ( even on fifa 2010 game, england is very weak at penalties , only 1 from 4 and i never miss :)) )...... good luck england......i don't understand why capello do not starts with crouch who has 21 g/38 m and he prefers heskey 7 g/58 m.....

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    • With you on that one KM. I am not sure if Terry is clever enough to deliberately say something to get his way on something but you never know - he might have been taking lessons off Becks!

      If Capello sends them out on Wed's after giving them a right royal rollicking it could be even worse than last week. Personally I think he should be trying to lighten the mood not make it worse. We all know, and they know, that they should be able to beat this team without too much problem. If we lose it it won't be becasue they were the better team it will be because we couldn't play how we should be able to.

      Come on Capello, smile and tell the lads to go out and enjoy it.

    • Well, I did think it might have been a contentious issue - there are those who won't hear a word said against Beckham and others who can't see the point of him being there except maybe to add a bit of glamour to the set up.

      That said, I'm with you on Capello's overbearing attitude and the pressure being heaped on the team to do well purely because they're England and it's what we supporters expect. As long as they don't implode like les Bleus though ...

      Mind you Terry didn't help matters with his attempted coup - if Ledley was fit I'd be demanding he be dropped for the next game but we're not exactly overrun with CBs at the moment and I doubt Capello would play Daws and Upson at CB for Wednesday's game.

    • I think there was a lot less pressure during the qulaifiers KM and both Capello and the press have stepped it up considerably since arriving in SA. I notice one or two tabloids have mentioned the same thing today hinting at Cappelo being overbearing and bullying with no concept of putting an arm around some players. His way or the highway?

      I must admit I had never thought of the Beckham angle though. Having said that he has been very quiet and I cannot recall him being quoted on anything to do with the team or selection. Could be having an effect behind the scenes but my gut says no.

    • for me it is incredible that capello used a defense midfielder and a a stryker that can help rooney to score (heskey) against a team like algeria instead of playing with 2 creative midfielders (lampard & gerrard) and a left midfielder ( cole or philips; sure i can't understand why players like a.young and downing weren't included, in first 30 at least to see what they can, he bring 5 right midfielder in the 30 instead :)) ) , heskey which score one goal in 7-8 matches it is not even the best striker at villa, agbonlahor is.......sure england have bad luck: they don't have a a good keeper , ferdinand and king injured, rooney out of form.......but..the situation could be easily changed if they win against slovenia, they could even get first place.....

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      • I have to admit... After watching last nights interview with Capello, he's won my respect again. I was impressed by him. I liked his answers and the way he handled the media. He didn't allow the whole thing to get too out of control and descend into some huge media farce. Firm but fair! I thought.
        Now i'm just hoping that he's big enough to make radical tactical and squad changes in order to get the best out of the players we have, not trying to get them to play a certain way that just doesn't suit us.
        But most importantly, to lighten the mood and get them to enjoy this World Cup and not let it become an experience of deep regret for all the players and the country.

    • I agree with you partly Sfer, but if Capello's management style is so autocratic why didn't it have any effect on the squad during the qualifiers?

      OK the hype which always surrounds our participation in the WC or Euros is always going to play a part, but the players should know that by now and be able to deal with it. They can't keep blaming the ball either - they've had enough opportunities now to practice with it before the matches.

      Being a little contentious here (well, to some maybe) how much of an effect has having Beckham on the coaching staff had? We all know how much of an influence he was on Sven but what about the possibility that he's encouraging Capello to pick certain players over others to the detriment of the team? Like I said, a contentious point of view but ...?

    • See what you mean Patrix.
      What England need is an English manager with fire in his belly, but who??? McClaren wasn't up to it, didn't even like getting wet!!
      Our 'arry? Maybe, but not for a couple of seasons, says he's "Loyal to Spurs". We shall see.

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      • I think they should get El Tel to manage England once again. He's the last manager that actually had any modicum of success with the national team. He's a good coach, tactically aware, loves the beautiful game and good at man management. I'm sure he could get this sorry lot in South Africa to wake up and play to the standards we see them do for their clubs each week.
        Anything to stop him singing!!! lol :P

      • I'm not sure that England's pathetic performance so far can be attributed to Don Capello - they simply ain't showing up on the field, they're lackadaisical, rubbish passing, and not playing for each other - nor are they playing with any fire or pride for the shirt and the country. They can all talk about how they are committed to the cause, but action speaks louder than words, and it's shouting "we don't care" at this point.
        I thought that Daffy and Crouchie played with a little verve and intensity when they came on, and Lennon was playing the best of a bad bunch before he came off. I'd swap the entire team out with the exception of James, Cole, Lennon, and Gerrard. Replace the rest with Warnock, Upson, Daws, Carrick, Cole, Crouch and Daffy.