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  • sledge sledge Jun 20, 2010 07:15 Flag

    The irony.....

    I think they should get El Tel to manage England once again. He's the last manager that actually had any modicum of success with the national team. He's a good coach, tactically aware, loves the beautiful game and good at man management. I'm sure he could get this sorry lot in South Africa to wake up and play to the standards we see them do for their clubs each week.
    Anything to stop him singing!!! lol :P

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    • You know how you can't change your squad after 24 hours before the first game? What about the manager? I'll go out and give it a go instead. Yes, the players haven't looked to be putting their all into it, but I reckon they've given quite a lot; for me, 97% of the blame goes to the manager. Dodgy tactics, dodgy selection choices, basic logical errors (what's the point of taking Daws if you won't give him his first cap against allegedly the easiest team we'll face? If - and that's a big if - we progress he's very likely to get a game, do you really want his first England game to be in the quarter finals??).

      The day he stopped using his form & fitness criteria was the day he lost his integrity in my book.

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      • Agreeing with you again NBR.

        He had my utmost respect during the qualifiers.
        But for some inexplicable reason, his entire philosophy appears to have changed. In my opinion, He's become a parody of both Sven and Mclaren. Insisting on using the same players even when we can all see that it's not working. He refuses to adapt or change.
        It's a sign of a bad manager. Either that or he's bonkers.
        Wasn't it Einstein, i think that said... "The definition of Insanity is when you repeatedly do the same thing expecting different results"

        His common sense appears to have been left on the plane.

    • RIP Sir Bobby Robson.


      Passion, balls and a tiny hint of psychosis.