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  • sledge sledge Jun 20, 2010 18:52 Flag

    The irony.....

    Agreeing with you again NBR.

    He had my utmost respect during the qualifiers.
    But for some inexplicable reason, his entire philosophy appears to have changed. In my opinion, He's become a parody of both Sven and Mclaren. Insisting on using the same players even when we can all see that it's not working. He refuses to adapt or change.
    It's a sign of a bad manager. Either that or he's bonkers.
    Wasn't it Einstein, i think that said... "The definition of Insanity is when you repeatedly do the same thing expecting different results"

    His common sense appears to have been left on the plane.

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    • As you would expect I have a theory on this. A lot has been writen about how strict Capello is and how he insists on complete control and discipline at all levels.

      Well what if he has absolutely terrified the players too much and add that to the pressure of the WC and the over hype that the media have put on our chances (again and as usual) then they might just be scared of playing like they can.

      They look edgy, unconfident, nervous and unhappy and they certainly are not enjoying their football. A really top class manager can change his style of management depending on two things. How an individual player reacts to certain things and how the whole team is performing. Sometimes his style is right - rip into them and tell them some home truths, but sometimes you have to put your arm around them and tell them to go out and enjoy the game. If all you do is shout and scream at them then eventually they will play like scared rabbits which is what we have seen.

      Personally, I don't think he can change his style and if that is the case then even if we scrape a win on Wed.s then we will probably lose the next game.

      Can Capello change his style - doesn't look like it.