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    Harry england manager

    Looks like Harrys thrown his hat into the ring for the England job, it would be ashame for him to go just as we are beginning to look like a top outfit. He does have a bit of form on jumping ship from previous posts and if i am honest i think he would take the job if offered. Our Harry likes a bit of dosh in his pocket and i think this job around 6 million pounds a year will be right up his street, and obviously hes English and fits the bill in every way.
    What do you guys think and do you think he may take the next step if offered?

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    • ''Ps. I've decided to take your ID off my ignore list, and give you another chance to show the board that you can engage in a mature, civilised discussion with rival posters''


      Computer says NO!..........now for the umpteenth time...your application to join the ranks of the mature and civilised has been rejected slayer.......put me back on ignore and get back to what you know best sonny.

    • If 'Arry does walk away from WHL (and I sincerely hope he doesn't) I'd love to see Jurgen Klinsmann take over - given his past history with Spurs, he's loved by the fans and has successfully managed both at club and international level.

      However, if 'Arry stays then the FA should think about giving Klinsmann a shot at managing England - but that's a contentious opinion given our ignominious exit at the hands of the Germans on Sunday! However, the salary would need to be capped as the FA are somewhat short of cash, especially if they have to pay off Capello.

    • ''wrong'', lol, obviously meant 'worse' above.

    • Imho, Frank Rijkaard will be a perfect fit for Spurs if Levy can prise him off Galatasaray.

      He has CL experience, won the CL and won titles in the past. His coaching philosophy and style will fit in perfectly with the way Spurs fans like their managers to play football. Although, he will be very expensive to hire but well worth it given his track record.

      Should HR leave to take the England job, Spurs will do no wrong than Rijkaard. An excellent coach imo.

    • "On that subject anyone with any views on who they'd like to see take over...should the unthinkable happen?"

      Maybe HR has serious doubt about taking Spurs to the next level, which is a place in the top 4 yearly and regular CL competition for a club of your size. He may feel that he has taken as far as he can, unless there is new investment in the club to improve the playing staff which is not going to happen for the forseeable future due to commitment to build your new stadium.

      All these issues must be on his mind before deciding to throw his name into the hat for the England manager's position should there be an opening which is looking more likely due to Capello's woeful showing at the WC.

      Ps. I've decided to take your ID off my ignore list, and give you another chance to show the board that you can engage in a mature, civilised discussion with rival posters. I bear no malice towards you and willing to forget what went on "in the past". This is a new beginning EY. I hope you will take the chance to prove to me that your mature.

    • as i posted on a separate thread according the officilal spurs website they have approached the Roma manager Montali(as he disclosed in an interview)...that raises the question .....is 'arry off or are they just checking in case....has the FA made up their mind already and have tapped up 'arry?...a worrying time

    • I tend to agree with KM here....there are loads of reasons why HR might be the best man for the job (not to mention the barely disguised fact that he appears to be gagging for it!) However...he dont quite fit the FA bill does he? Hodgson is a much better option for the FA if they 'must' go for a home growner.
      Like that fact or loathe it (as I do) but they want a nice, clean boot licker...not a maverick.
      Anyway we all seem to have forgotten where that leaves Spurs? (at least I havent spotted that being discussed elsewhere yet)
      We are on the cusp of big things...CL, new season, transfer dealings that will shape our immediate future.......I dont care who might come in to replace HR...we'd be lucky to keep the momentum going. On that subject anyone with any views on who they'd like to see take over...should the unthinkable happen?
      Serious suggestions please (managers that might either be between jobs and at least capable/suitable for the job)

    • Do I detect more than a sprinkling of cynicism there Irons ;-)

      As somebody has already said, 'Arry is too much of a maverick for the suits at the FA and most definitely not a yes man. But even if they did go for him, there's still that minor matter of the Inland Revenue investigation hanging over his head. After all, El Tel had something similar rear its ugly head and he was streets ahead of a number of England managers of recent ilk (Sir Bobby Robson excepted!).

      I reckon Capello will be given the nod - not least because it'd cost a fortune to sack him now that the FA have stupidly removed the break clause from his contract (suspecting that he'd take us all the way in the WC no doubt!!). So they might as well get their money's worth out of him while maybe stipulating that he should have a root and branch clear-out and build the team around some of our more promising youngsters ... ah, well, I can dream - as I'm fond of saying.

    • how about a straight swap; you can have capello (notice the lack of capitals).......he could call Dawson up every weekend and stop him going shopping with his wife just to sit on the bench for 90 mins along with Crouch.....why play a goal scorer when you have Heskey.......come on england, come on england.......egotistical bunch of vuvuzela share holders.............

      ironistically me

    • Does my memory play tricks with me???
      I thought that 'arry stated, ever so recently, "I am loyal to Spurs"
      Just shows how long his loyalty will last.
      Be a shame to lose him, although I haven't always been a fan of his selections. Man Utd away last season and Giovanni Dos Santos to name but 2.
      But he has taken us further than anyone since Bill Nick, european wise.

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