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  • A Yahoo! User Jun 29, 2010 21:18 Flag

    Argentina's keepers show dislike for technology

    Jimmy, Argentina or England, doesn't matter; just showing that opinion is divided globally. Personally, I can't make up my mind either. I can see the argument from both sides. There are legitimate points on either side.

    As for your question to the other poster, I would advise you not to pander to the simpleton/pack-mentality exhibited by most here. They like patting each other on the backs and deluding themselves rather than engaging in intelligent conversation and debate. They do not realize that their attitude of avoiding any discussion unrelated to Spurs is the very same reason their club and national teams are abysmal. One needs to expand one's horizons by looking outward and learning rather than be content living as a 'frog in the well' (that does not know about the world beyond).

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    • If in2 needed any pointers to what you are about Vito your last post surely provided it. Thinking and writing that anybody who dislikes you is a "frog in a well" is completely in character - arrogant, condescending and pathetic.

      We dislike you because despite our original request for you to stop posting articles that have nothing to do with Spurs in a polite way, and then in a not so polite way, you have chosen to carry on. That does not mean we are ill educated, not Wordly wise or not very well travelled. Only someone such as you would think that.

      in2 you were warned. On the other hand you could be fooled by Vito and think he is a poor misunderstood, reasonable chap who is inviting you to be in his more intelligent gang. A bit of research looking at a variety of other boards would quickly establish you would be in a gang easily capable of holding any meetings in that well that Vito likes so much.

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      • "We dislike you because despite our original request for you to stop posting articles that have nothing to do with Spurs in a polite way"

        Pray, tell, when you and your 'mates' have EVER asked or tried to have a discussion in a polite way? I have always had nonsense posted from the start by the likes of Roger Mellie, etc. who seem to be held in high esteem by you and your 'mates' despite the fact that all that muppet ever posts is absolute filth and rubbish!

        The fact of the matter is, Sfer, is that Essex Yiddo apart, NONE of you has EVER had a polite thing to say EVER. As you sow, so shall you reap. You've disregarded politeness from the get-go, and I've disregarded you lot as well in response. Thanks, and have a good day.

      • Sfer, as I've said previously above, I won't reply to any Vito's threads on the Spurs board as a sign of respect to the regulars and in keeping with the local preference /wishes of the majority here.