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  • Sfer Sfer Jul 9, 2010 19:05 Flag

    Argentina's keepers show dislike for technology

    If you feel that it is your God given duty in enlighten the "general public" then there are plenty of other open forums that you can use and I am pretty sure you would not receive the abuse on those that you do on here.

    If you continue to post pasted articles that are not related to Spurs on this board you will continue to receive abuse. Put these two things together and the only conclusion that any logical person will come to is that you in fact either get off on being ridiculed or you are an imbocile.

    The fact that you have written those words in your last post leans very heavily towards you being some self deluded demi-God that believes in his own omnipotence.

    If you really REALLY believe your last post then you would post your outdated articles on some other general online football related board and stop investing ours.