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    Argentina's keepers show dislike for technology

    Well, they may have a point. Anyone think they have a point regarding the 'cunning' of players being taken away by technology?

    Argentina's goalkeepers weighed in against different forms of technology on Monday with one saying aids would rob soccer of its essence while another reckoned the World Cup ball may be causing Lionel Messi's goal drought.

    Argentina's Carlos Tevez was offside for the first goal in Sunday's 3-1 win over Mexico while England's Frank Lampard had a shot which crossed the line but was not given, reopening the debate about whether technology should be introduced.

    "Technology? Not for me, because it takes away what football is about," Argentina's giant pony-tailed first-choice keeper Sergio Romero told a news conference.

    "Football is for people who play with cunning...so to put technology like a chip in the ball to see if it went in...I think you take away the cunning and then football ends for the great players.

    "Football is for the cunning, not for technology."

    Messi's failure to score in Argentina's four matches could be down to the controversial synthetic and seamless Jabulani ball, reserve keeper Mariano Andujar said.

    Messi has come close to scoring on several occasions as the twice champions reached a quarter-final against Germany but he has yet to add to his solitary goal at the 2006 finals.

    "I was surprised that they made such a bad ball for such an important competition," said Andujar of the widely-criticised official tournament ball.

    "This goes beyond making the goalkeeper's job more complicated, it affects crossfield passes which move about and are hard for players to dominate (and when) Lionel kicks to the far post and the ball doesn't take the spin he wants to give it.

    "It doesn't allow the great players at this World Cup to express or show everything they can do with a ball at their feet," he said at Argentina's University of Pretoria base.

    Central defender Walter Samuel took part in a practice game involving coach Diego Maradona's reserve players against their sparring junior team having recovered from a thigh muscle injury and should be available for selection against Germany.

    Argentina face the Germans in Cape Town on Saturday looking to avenge their elimination by the same opponents at the same stage of the 2006 finals in Germany.

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    • I had issues with Vito (Jose) years back, Sfer, but what the hell. Would be interesting if Vito chose to have a go at throwing some of his own stuff out instead of printing newspapers the day after.

    • Vito, why go all the way to Argentina?

      Even our very own John Motson, BBC Sports commentator, is publicly against the introducution of video technology into football pitch. There are many others too who are against it in these shores.

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      • Jimmy, Argentina or England, doesn't matter; just showing that opinion is divided globally. Personally, I can't make up my mind either. I can see the argument from both sides. There are legitimate points on either side.

        As for your question to the other poster, I would advise you not to pander to the simpleton/pack-mentality exhibited by most here. They like patting each other on the backs and deluding themselves rather than engaging in intelligent conversation and debate. They do not realize that their attitude of avoiding any discussion unrelated to Spurs is the very same reason their club and national teams are abysmal. One needs to expand one's horizons by looking outward and learning rather than be content living as a 'frog in the well' (that does not know about the world beyond).

    • Fu(k off Vito!

    • Allow me to end your delusion then Smellie. You mean nothing to me, so on ignore you go, you foul-mouthed muppet. You've wasted all the opportunities I gave you to reform yourself and get on my good side. Reported and ignored. Goodbye!

    • As I have said before well done RM..

    • I'm still here. And will continue bringing bulletins to the attention of the general public that I feel need to be debated.

    • You are not 'bringing bulletins to the attention of the general public' Vimto....we are all more than capable of reading this stuff online if we choose and most of us are well ahead of you. Admit it this stuff is days old already.

      Nah the only service you are providing is getting yourself to the vinegar strokes as fast as possible......you know it, we know it.

      Time to stop kidding yourself and just get it done for chr*st sake.

    • what a jumped up little Eyetie wannabee twat....can't believe anyone is that dense. The sort where nothing else works but to give him a smack...

    • I also once gave you the benefit of doubt and invited you (politely) to enter into debate with us, as opposed to simply pasting all sorts of shit with the express purpose of winding people up.

      That's my twopennies worth just to correct your lies, though personally I would prefer that everyone just ignored you as that would make your pasted posts irrelevant, which is just what you are, isn't it?

    • If you feel that it is your God given duty in enlighten the "general public" then there are plenty of other open forums that you can use and I am pretty sure you would not receive the abuse on those that you do on here.

      If you continue to post pasted articles that are not related to Spurs on this board you will continue to receive abuse. Put these two things together and the only conclusion that any logical person will come to is that you in fact either get off on being ridiculed or you are an imbocile.

      The fact that you have written those words in your last post leans very heavily towards you being some self deluded demi-God that believes in his own omnipotence.

      If you really REALLY believe your last post then you would post your outdated articles on some other general online football related board and stop investing ours.

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