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    Craig Bellamy...NOoooooo!

    Before the start of the World Cup we were being linked with a number of high profile star-players like Forlan & saurez but now it seems we are very close to capturing Bellamy from Man Citeh as he is now considered surplus to requirements at the C.O.M. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/sport/football/article-1293493/Tottenham-verge-6m-capture-Manchester-City-winger-Craig-Bellamy.html

    He is not the kind of player we want at the Lane IMO! Hopefully this is only papertalk and we can dismiss this as just another piece of trash journalism!


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    • So its official then.....Joe Cole has chosen filthy lucre over the chance to prove himself worthy of it in the first place!
      Neither Spurs nor the scum could offer him guarenteed first team every week (we both already have enough decent midfielders) and we wouldnt pay his ludicrous wage demands. He took the cowards way out.....instead of showing the world he was actually a decent player (ie fighting for a place and keeping it)..he's gone to the highest bidder...so what if he has to play for a sh*te team in the Europa cup....look at his wad!!
      Haha I sound a little bitter dont I?......seriously though I'm not at all bothered we didnt get him...just disapointed that another modern footballer shows himself up for what really counts.....and the playing of football dont come into it!

    • huge sigh of relief when i saw joe cole had signed for liverpool.

      as iv said & bored u before with- hes towards the latter stages of his career, hes injury prone, never been consistant & is a money merchant.

      i would hate to see us break our wage cap for him.

      id honestly rather dos santos to cole as well jimmy.

    • Great news! Liverpool have signed Joe Cole...
      That's one less thing to worry about. I can't see him being a regular performer for them, he'll have the odd great game here and there!
      Although i reckon he'd have had a tougher job of getting into the Spurs first eleven than at Liverpool.
      Anyway, i'm relieved he's not coming to us, no matter how fond Harry is of him. I like our wage structure as it is, and if we were to break it someday, then it should definitely not be for Cole!

      Bale should easily be our first choice on the left midfield, and yet again i'll mention how i'd love to see Harry give Dos Santos a role at the lane :)

    • I believe they are playing a friendly against the Portland Timbers (who are moving up to the MLS for the upcoming season) - the game to be played up at my school - University of Portland - later this week.
      Spurs are playing down south in the not too distant future (not sure if it is this week of next).
      It is a beautiful city Pacific - hope you get the opportunity to get out and see a little of the country around - the Columbia Gorge is stunning as is the view from the lodge on Mount Hood - and the coast ain't bad either.
      A good pint can be had at the Rose & Thistle, the Horsebrass, and the Moon & Sixpence - all on the east side of the river.
      Hope you enjoy the rest of your stay.

    • So I'm in Portland, OR this weekend for a family wedding (beautiful city you have there Old Fan) and get in the hotel elevator with a guy who is 60ish and wearing a ManCity jacket. I had noticed a number of British accents in the hotel and assumed expats in the area were gathering to watch the World Cup on a large screen in the square across the street (they drew a huge crowd, very impressive). So as I'm contemplating whether to identify myself as a Spurs supporter to this ManCity supporter and toss out some friendly quip like "Best of luck in the Europa League" or "hope you are able to bounce back from dropping 3 points on opening day" some other family members get on the elevator and I don't bother. Good thing as when I get to the lobby, standing next to my wife and kids is... Craig Bellamy. Turns out City is in Portland for training and a friendly and are staying in our hotel. I'm about 75% sure the guy in the elevator was Brian Kidd after taking a look at City's website. Perhaps another coach/official but either way probably would not have welcomed any of the comments I was considering. I did not share with Craig that the Spurs board is largely opposed to his joining us.

    • Same as you Paul - I think he's an ok player and gives his all, but he seems to be of suspect character to me.
      I'm also lost by the Joe Cole stuff - why? Don't we have two or three players already who play in the same vein as Cole?

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      • Good point John,

        There is no doubting Coles quality as a player but I think the signing on fee & wage demands alone of £100k a week we would have to break our wage structure to accomodate a player that may find himself sitting half of next seasons games on the bench!

        Hard to imagine where he will fit in without displacing any of our current playing staff. From my understanding Cole plays in the same position as Bale ( I can't imagine either will want to play as a back-up to each other ).

        As for Bellamy - a big thumbs down to signing him - don't do it Harry!