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  • Mc G Mc G Jul 16, 2010 16:28 Flag

    New Kits!!

    Well finally no more looking at photoshop images of kits.

    I really like the home and third kit. Still dislike our sky blue away kits!!! Why???

    Wish the third kit didnt have the collar though.

    Cant believe I gotta wait till the END of SEPTEMBER!!!! WTF! why so late?

    Anyone elses thoughts?

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    • I like the sky blue kit. Better than the yellow and dreadful brown we had a few years ago. I like the collar too, but that's just personal preference I guess.

      Don't know why there's a wait to buy them - I think the same thing happened last season though I might be wrong.

      Wonder when we'll hear about the alternative sponsor for Cup games ...

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      • I like all 3 strips... Home is my fave though. The collar is a personal thing i guess, i hate them on anything. One reason why i never wear a shirt... lol
        hmmm... this Autonomy sponsor! I've never heard of them before, so i clicked the link off the spurs home page. I practically dozed off within the first paragraph. But i suppose it's better than having some gambling/betting sponsor.
        And is it me? or do i notice some sodding little red dot on the sponsor logo? Hoping it's my colour-blindness playing up... someone tell me it's green or orange or something else please :)