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  • sledge sledge Jul 18, 2010 11:07 Flag

    NYYankees & $450M!!!

    Just saw this

    I know it's only the Daily Star... but still

    I don't like it at all... I much prefer we stayed a British owned club. But i guess this is what's happening in the modern game, we're all being slowly assmilated into the borg (US/Arab owned) collective... is resistance futile?
    I feel it really is a lottery.

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    • it would be ok if they just put the money in and stayed out of it and let the managers etc run the club.....like the man at aston villa....they would be there when money was required.so we could compete on the financial stage.......but,would it be so?

    • I'm not sure how I feel about this. I live in the States and am a fan of both the Yankees and the Spurs...I can't say I'm not excited, they would increase the cashflow a lot. But then on the other hand, i wouldn't want Spurs to turn into Chelsea or Man City. There's pride in being a Tottenham fan now, and if they started buying cup and leagues wins then there really wouldn't be anymore.

      That being said, I know that Hank Steinbrenner has been a good owner for the short time he's been in charge and he does really well with the Yankees, just like his father George did. (He died a few days ago, in case you didn't know.)

      So, I have mixed feelings on this. I think I'd need more details until I could back it or not.

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      • I loathe the Yankees so from a purely emotional standpoint view this something akin to how an English Spurs fan might view Arsenal's owner buying your favorite rugby team. However, I think I can hold my nose and admit this could be a real positive. In the 1980's the Steinbrenners mistakenly thought they knew something about talent evaluation and spent ludicrous sums buying up aging stars past their prime and then sacking managers every year when the team didn't win. However, in the past 15 years or so, they've proven they really understand the business of sports, notably in brand management and using media to increase revenues. The Yankees finance themselves through profit, not excessive debt nor use of unrelated funds to buy players. If nothing else, the fact that the Steinbrenners are interested is an indication that smart money believes Spurs are headed in an upward direction.