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  • Sfer Sfer Jul 24, 2010 00:17 Flag

    Line up against Citeh

    Ok so it's getting close now and all the players that look like being available are there. So, what team would you put out?

    Mine is: Gomes, Hutton, Dawson, King, Ekotto, Lennon, Palicios, Modric, Bale, Pav, Defoe.

    I wish I could say another name at LB and Pav is in because he has had a good pre season although if Crouch was there instead I wouldn't moan about it.

    Then, when you look at who is left out you could name a complete second string without any trouble. Cuducini, Corluka, Bassong, Naughton, Bentley, Kranjcar, Sandros, Hudd, Keane, Gudjohnson and Crouch or Pav. Not bad eh! Haven't even mentioned Jenas - oh damn!

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    • "Is Woodgate still alive?"

      I see my question's been answered - allegedly alive, but no-one's seen any proof for some time. Oh dear, oh dear dear dear.

    • One or two of you have gone 4-5-1, with either Pav or Daffy up top, but I don't think we have a striker strong enough to take on the workload of the lone striker, so I would go with Daffy and Crouch to start with and Lennon, Hudd, Modric and Bale in midfield, Hutton, Dawson (if fit,) King (if fit) and BAE. Maybe a bit over attacking, but we would have options to strengthen in MF if it looks like going tts up.

    • Gomes
      Kaboul Dawson Bassong BAE
      Lennon Krancjar Modric Huddlestone Bale

      This is more than enough ammunition to take out any team,

    • I think you will find if you look back at past posts SB I am not one who has ever really said I prefer Charlie or Hutton but I went for Hutton because he is quicker and gets forward faster than Charlie.

      Everybody knows I am not a Hudd fan so I am not going to put him in am I.

      Some people seem to prefer Kaboul at RB and I would not have a problem with that and also some are going for Pav and others for Crouch. Not much to call between the two so again happy either way.

      Unfortunately SB it looks like we are stuck with Ekoto and my preference is Bale at LM so it's Ekoto or a right footed player at LB which I don't hold with at all.

      Still, all in all we don't have too many differences and the team looks stable and balanced so fingers crossed eh!!

    • There you go then Sfer - one team for the PL/CL games and another for the FA/League Cup games; and no need for any of the players to wear different sponsored shirts either ;-)

      Glad to see Hutton's name in the first team - I've always rated him (sorry to keep banging on about it) and would like to see him given a good run of games to prove himself again. Steve Bruce did when he was on loan at Sunderland so he's got the match fitness. I still reckon Charlie could be given the nod though. If Sandro pans out well I can see him replacing Wilson in the midfield but I don't think he's even arrived in the UK yet so will take a while to get acclimatised no doubt.

      It's looking good ... doh, hush my mouth, probably the kiss of death now :-(

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      • what... no corluka! wow what a u turn.

        mr amazing corluka suddenly behind hutton.

        im just winding u up before u all become over sensitive again.

        i like your startin 11 except i still feel we need to buy 2 new full bks as ekotto is a liability & are RBs are average.

        figuorora would do a good job.

        id also start crouch instead of pav. crouch is a bit more consistant than pav.

        i would look deeply into 2 goals against bournemouth.