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  • levy and harry at again. they should be fined for tapping up players, but as usual it was,nt us two absolute wankers,i hope spuds get wat they deserve this season (nuttin) they dont deserve it a two bit sunday side.

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    • Well put my friend,, I couldn't be bothered to be so nice :p

    • Hi De Hi Campers,

      What a load of bollox this is..............football is no different from any other employment. Whilst the authorities have tried to stop tapping up it is of course impossible especially with all the "agents" involved. How would say, the Financial Services industry try and stop tapping up? It goes on all the time every day and whilst there is money, Human Rights, Political Correctness et al there will be people moving from one employer to another. Does anybody actually think that anybody could stop it????

      And another thing - let he who is without sin cast the first stone - Does dopey illiterate Eamonn think his team has never tapped up anybody ever!!! What a joke that is.

    • Who knows?
      What I don't follow is that it would be so simple for the FA to act as a central brokerage for ALL deals. So if W Ham are interested in Berbatov, they get permission from the FA to contact Man U - and they record the interest. If the target club is not interested, then that is recorded. If then any club approaches any other player/club without the interest being registered or when the target club have refused the approach , then I agree they should be fined. It would also then be simple to register players with say 12 months left on their current contract as 'open to offer' and the clubs can talk to those players direct for signing when their contracts expire.Again, the same 'not interested' rules apply.
      BUT that would then stop all media speculation and stop Sky and the media trying to turn each transfer window into a feeding frenzy and a way of jacking up sales.

      The whole of football seems like a used car showroom (or more aptly a car boot sale) with the agents acting as spivs touting the players. If I was on a 10% cut of a £millions signing on fee, I think I'd be doing the same.

    • I can understand your frustration Eamonn, and it's great that you've come here to discuss the situation in a grown up, productive manner. Pat on the back for that good sir.

      However, a club IS allowed to make an offer for any player. There is no law against it. It is up to the club to accept or decline. If Spurs have just made an offer then they have done nothing wrong. If they have contacted Parker, then they have. But we don't know the full story and you are simply jumping the gun and diving in as you support West Ham. But you don't have a clue what has gone on so how about you be on your way and stop trying to stir up trouble?

      There's a good chap.