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  • HighRoadJohn HighRoadJohn Aug 14, 2010 22:05 Flag

    thoughts on today's game?

    Agree largely SB and BY. Take nothing away from Citeh's back four and Joe Hart though, they were superb! If we play like this all season we are definetely going to kick ass! I think our MF is probably one of the Prem's best, and I thought Bale was scaring them to bits, and Thomas's distribution to the front and wide men was Hoddle-like! (Couldn't really give higher praise!). Good start from our "left-overs"....get hold of a world class striker and who knows...? Dawson and King were solid too.

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    • I thought we were unlucky - only one team deserved the win today and it sure as hell wasn't City. They were hanging on by their fingernails at points. Stil,l Hart looks fantastic, which is great news for England fans.

      When mentioning strikers, I agree we need more upfront, but I'll sayh this (which may attract some flak) - Crouch is as inconsitant as any player we have. Sorry, I know he has his good points, but he frustrated the hell out of me today. With his height he should be challenging for EVERY ball i the air that comes to him, but a number of times I saw him not even jump. He's so weak its unreal, anyone can shrug him off possession. I honestly think (and this is purely personal opinion) he is our worst striker, yet he started. At least Kean and Pav looked hungry when they came on. Grrr.

      But overall, very happy witht he performance. Dos Santos looked very lively too.

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      • Just goes to show, Lee, we all see things differently! I thought Crouchie ha a good first half really - on the floor at least i thought he held the ball well and laid off a couple of good passes and worked hard as ever. But I thought Pav looked weak, and although he has some nice touches, he seems to lack strength when up against powerful defenders! Just my own view, though and probably wrong as hell! More importantly, we looked very good and played with a lot of style!