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    So he won't be coming to Spurs then. He is the sort of player the old school managers like as he is not affraid to voice his opinion, but does not go down well with the sensitive younger generation of players.

    Shame we need a character to have a go at those players that are playing crap, and give them a kick up the back side.

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    • I won't be losing sleep over it Calgary.

      The current squad have worked hard to get where they are and although Bellamy may be a tenacious striker, his capacity to rock the boat is well documented and would play havoc with our hitherto happy ship. Excuse the nautical references, but you get my drift.

      However, if he can do the business for Cardiff and maybe help them stave off administration then good luck to him -but at least he won't be scoring against us (unless we draw them in either of the Cups that is).

    • The problem there Calgary is that whilst some players respond to a kick up the jacksie others don't and that means you have disgruntled team mates who won't pass to each other.

      Bellamy only has one way of dealing with things and that is to shout and throw his toys out of the pram. Would work perhaps with a few Spurs players but others would hate it.

      Personally I was never sure Bellamy would have been good for us - good player that he was/is I think the risk was too great in what is a settled, seemingly happy side. The fact that he has chosen to go to Cardiff only goes to show his real character. He would rather go to a Championship side and put his finger up to Citeh at the same time than fight for a place in the Citeh side or a move to a side worthy of his talent in the PL. The bloke is a t0sser. I don't see any of his ex-Citeh team mates arranging a leaving do put it that way.