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  • Lee Lee Aug 20, 2010 20:51 Flag

    Injuries for tomorrow

    So apparently, according to some reports - Modric, Defoe, Dos Santos, Pav and Keane are all out of the game tomorrow after picking up injuries on the artificial pitch. Which is a bit of a bugger.

    With Crouch our only fit striker I think we'd have to go 5 in midfield - but the question is who do we play across the middle? I'd play Lennon and Bale out wide (obvious) then Hudd and Wilson in the centre and, ideally, would have had Modric or Dos Santos just ahead of them behind our lone striker. But who to play there now?

    Is the new guy, Santos, eligable? If so do we put him along side Wilson and push Hudd up a bit? Or put Kranjcar in there? Or Rose?

    Going to be a tricky one for Harry. A point tomorrw wouldn't be a disaster but I really want the team to pick up a win. If we are going to get 4th again I think this is a game we should look to win.

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    • Well, not long now, I guess we'll see what happens soon enough. I won't be heartbroken with a point, as you say SB, nothing wrong with that at the Britannia, I just really want us to get 4th again and see these as games to win to help us get there. But with the midweek games, and what happened at the last one, may be asking too much.

      I'm still gonna predict for a 3 -1 win for Spurs, basically because I'm in a prtty good mood today haha.

    • i definitley settle for a pt tommrow. that would be respectable considering stoke are good at home & we have just played midweek & picked up injuries.

      we are going to struggle for goals without defoe around so id take a 0-0.

      agreed that king should be saved for the CL match. our 1st other CL qualifier is much more important than another league game.

      also agreed that kaboul should play instead of corluka who still coasts along in games too much for my liking. was poor again midweek & doesnt have the pace for a full bk.

      id be very happy with a pt tommrow & to qualify mid week.

    • I am also a Kaboul fan - when he plays within himself - he still has a tendency to get a little carried away at times.
      Thought he was rubbish when he was with us the 1st time around, then his time down south really seemed to do him a lot of good, and I like him a lot since his return. I think he has the mind to play anywhere across the back, and even as a holding midfield player.

    • I think Harry has not taken kindly to David Bentley as I haven't heard from him in a while. haha

      King for the big CL game for sure. Tbh, I actually prefered Kaboul at right back, he played better than Corluka when he was injured and filled in for him. And from the previous games I've seen this season, Corluka looks as if he's had far too many curries over the summer, so I'm all for Kaboul to become our perminant right back.

      As for Pav and Modric, I hope them two make fast recoveries. We need Pav as he knocks in important goals, ones that have an impact, he's defo a Champions League player for us.

    • Agreed Longtime - we should be saving Ledley for Wednesday - far more important in the big scheme of things.
      I would rather see a lineup of:
      Corluka Dawson Bassong (or Kaboul) BAE
      Palacios (or Kaboul)
      Lennon Hudd Kranjcar Bale
      I would probably play Palacios, as I think he should be motivated to step up and play after his display in midweek, plus we need someone to bite some legs in midfield.
      While Bassong also has something to prove, and I think he will also step up tomorrow, I would be tempted to put Kaboul in there - tall, good with the head, will get stuck in, and will step up the competition all around.
      Then if needed a change up front, I'd yank Palacios and throw Danny Rose on - I think he might work well off of Crouch.

    • Definetly has to be Kranjcar.

      He is a bit like Modric in a way, confident and good with attacking open play.

      If we do have Sandro, Palacios and Huddlestone all on at the samr time, that would be a nightmare for anyteam to even get past them for sure haha.

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      • Emilio, that would be a pretty defensive midfield, no doubt lol.

        I'd agree with putting Kranjcar in, out of what we have left I think he's the only one who could play there. It will be a physical game so he will need to be up for getting stuck in.

        I think our best chance will be down the flanks, with Lennon and Bale, we need them to be on their game, crossing in for Crouch (if he decides to try to jump for the ball this week - he CAN be very good in the air when, he goes for it), and maybe some knock downs for Hudd to try to rifle at goal. I have a feeling Hudd will be a big player for us this year. Maybe starting to fulfill his potential - at last.

        AND - do we play King or Gallas along side Daws? Theres a new one, coming off recent developments. Gallas will have had no time to settle or train, so you'd think King. But then do we play Bassong in the CL qualifier because Keane won't be able to pull double duty in that short space of time, or try Gallas out then?

        Not an easy one that. Personally, I'd prefer to see King play against Stoke, I really want the win there, I think it's important. You'd think, at home, on grass, with either Bassong or Gallas we'd still be able to get what we need and progress......won't we? lol

      • Cant imagine we'd see Sandro for a while.....poor b*gger has just stepped off the plane after a long hard season in Brazil.
        Add to that his hangover after winning the C'de'L and I dont think a day out at Stoke is going to do him (or us) any favours!!