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    Traitor Gallas worse than 'Judas Campbell' ?

    'Arry plea to Spurs fans: 'PLEASE Don't boo Gallas'.

    'Arry has urged sceptical Spurs fans who have spent the last decade jeering the former Gunners defender to forgive the traitor for his sins in playing for the arch-enemy.

    Gallas, 33, has agreed a one-year contract with Spurs subject to passing a medical.

    "He's done nothing wrong. What's he done wrong?" said the Spurs boss.

    Would 'Arry plea for mercy fall on deaf ears?

    Is traitor Gallas worse than "Judas Campbell"?

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    • i think the whole campball thing is different he walked away on a bosman without a care in the world for the club that gave him his start in professional football thus we lost on a huge transfer fee while campbell filled his pockets.

      Gallas on the other hand wouldnt have demanded a huge transfer fee had he of signed a new deal with arsenal they lost nothing when he walked unlike we did when campbell walked away.

      Im skeptical about signing gallas his reputation proceeds him but i say give him a chance we dont exactly have players quein round the block to join us would have seen arry try and get shawcross or hangeland but hey ho

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      • the reason judas is so reviled is simple, he claimed to love the club, said he and his entire family were spurs through and through, also said he wouldn't ever sign for the scum, then hey presto his contract expires he signs for the team he stated he would never do thus earning his boyhood club nothing, zilch a big fat sweet fa!

        that's the reason he is so hated, and that's why he's now referred to as simply judas!

        and just to respond to the dumb goon fab, gallas stepped down from chelsea to go to the pikeys, he won nothing with them now he's gone to a club that has won something in the last few years.

        so much for the young guns eh, lmfao you mugs.

    • What you forget Mixer is that Judas said it wasn't about the money and implied he'd sign a new contract with Spurs before hightailing it to the Ar$e for shedloads more dosh. What a double whammy for Spurs fans. I reckon that if he'd gone to Chelski, Manure or the Scousers he wouldn't have got so much stick but because it was Ar$e it stuck in the craw all the more. Surprising admission given my views on him, but I'd rather welcome Berbatoss back than Judas - and I've been one of those advocating that enough is enough regarding the denigrating of Judas.

      If you recall, we were none too happy when George Graham crossed the north London divide to become our manager, but when he took us to the Worthless Cup final and we won the supporters for the most part didn't care where he'd come from.

      Sadly football is all about money and sponsorships deals these days, though I can't quite understand why Gallas would come to us for only 1 year and for less money than was on offer at Ar$e for the same period of time.

      As Essex has said in another post, I would never boo or jeer a player wearing the Spurs shirt whatever his past clubs were but that's not to say I'll also be cheering wildly for him either - unless he scores a hat-trick against Ar$e both home and away and helps us to finish above you and qualify outright for the CL next season. I might even get his name on the back of my shirt if that happens ;-)

    • There comes a time in every mans working life when he has to face facts and take a step down.

      He has tasted the high life with Arsenal.

      He'll have his memories in retirement.

    • Don't think any player could ever be as treacherous as Judas Campbell was when he joined the Gooners in 2001!

      Judas has turned his back on virtually every team he has ever played for including the Gooners and now the geordie fans have laughingly referred to him as the 'Hog on the Tyne' he will turn his back on them as well.

      As for Gallas, I'm not exactly enthralled with the signing, but I suppose I won't judge him until I have see him play in the famous white shirt!

    • Of course not - Judas gave up the light and went to the dark side - Gallas gave up the dark side and has seen the light!!
      We should forgive him the sins of the past and welcome him!