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  • Berkshire Yid Berkshire Yid Aug 21, 2010 23:07 Flag

    Traitor Gallas worse than 'Judas Campbell' ?

    i think the whole campball thing is different he walked away on a bosman without a care in the world for the club that gave him his start in professional football thus we lost on a huge transfer fee while campbell filled his pockets.

    Gallas on the other hand wouldnt have demanded a huge transfer fee had he of signed a new deal with arsenal they lost nothing when he walked unlike we did when campbell walked away.

    Im skeptical about signing gallas his reputation proceeds him but i say give him a chance we dont exactly have players quein round the block to join us would have seen arry try and get shawcross or hangeland but hey ho

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    • the reason judas is so reviled is simple, he claimed to love the club, said he and his entire family were spurs through and through, also said he wouldn't ever sign for the scum, then hey presto his contract expires he signs for the team he stated he would never do thus earning his boyhood club nothing, zilch a big fat sweet fa!

      that's the reason he is so hated, and that's why he's now referred to as simply judas!

      and just to respond to the dumb goon fab, gallas stepped down from chelsea to go to the pikeys, he won nothing with them now he's gone to a club that has won something in the last few years.

      so much for the young guns eh, lmfao you mugs.

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      • forgot to respond to the op, mixer, what an appropriate choice of name.

        why is gallas a traitor? what has he done that's wrong? do you even know the circumstances involving his transfers? answer, obviously you don't!

        gallas moved from chelsea to the pikeys as a makeweight in the cashley transfer, he was offered a new contract by the pikeys but it was(supposedly) only for 1yr and for less money than he was on, ala the paedo whingers policy on older players(he does like them young as we all know), so he was a free agent, what does that tell you mixer? yep that's correct, he could go anywhere he wanted! surprise surprise!

        so your analogy between him and judas bears absolutely no fruit, no connection not even close, judas saw the gold, gallas wants to play, simple.

        clearly you are a monkey goon that is clearly pissed off about the impending deal to sign gallas, your loss our gain, lmao oh yeah in whinger we trust!