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  • Kentish Maid Kentish Maid Aug 27, 2010 18:11 Flag

    So now it starts ...

    ... things are starting to hot up in the press. Apparently we're in talks with Milan over a season loan for Klaas-Jan Huntelaar, with an option to sign him for £12m, and the Barcodes are eyeing up Keano for £6m.

    As I recall, when Huntelaar was first mooted as coming to the Lane he strongly denied it. Clearly we're a more glamorous proposition now we're in the CL proper. Don't know much about him but if he'd only consider a move because of CL footie do we really want him and will he give 100%?

    Or maybe I should get real and accept that footballers are mostly all mercenaries with no sense of loyalty - a number of Spurs players excepted of course. Cynical, moi? You bet!

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    • 'arry states that the squad he has is adequate and up to the task.....i wonder?....i think we will strengthen the squad before the transfer deadline....but who?...how much will dos santos,sandro,gallas figure in the plot..?....interesting(and nail biting) days ahead...