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  • well well well all the lame excuses are coming out already, you talk how the big time is here but lose to Wigan, you now treat the carling cup draw like its nothing but crowed endlessly when beating the mighty gooners. Bless are your players tired already? Crumbs under the masters table comes to mind with Essex poncing around as the court jester!!

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    • Wigan was a bad performance - fine - I think everybody here agrees on that. Hopefully one of the few this season. If not, then we haven't come as far as I thought under 'arry - as I thought his biggest input had been getting the players to believe and from that belief, consistency.
      Carling Cup - and other 'domestic' titles - I think again that everyone here would have an order of preference. To me, that order would be League, CL, FA, Carling - and that order remains, irrespective of whether we're in that competition or not. That doesn't diminish any of the competitions - it's just what I think is the order of difficulty (and I only put the FA before the CC as the CC has been more of a test bed for some clubs). If the question is what is the most lucrative, then obviously the order changes - but I think that the league with its 38 games proves that the team is 'consistent', whereas the CL is a more arbitrary competition - half cup and a seeded drawn group stage (it's really just a glamorous showcase to earn money).

      If in any of those competitions, we come up against top flight clubs and beat them, then I will be (and was) happy - whether that's CL or CC. The club would obviously be more happy if it was CL - but that is just a money thing that enables the perennial CL teams to exclude the rest by monopolising the player market (you could argue its money that matters - but I'm not so sure it's only that - I think players want to play for 'big' teams and by that I mean the teams that have the highest profiles - and the 'highest' profile is created by the worldwide TV rights to the CL).

    • Jeez....I've really gotten to you havent I?

    • why dont you crawl in a hole and never return?