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  • longtimespur longtimespur Aug 31, 2010 03:42 Flag

    Less than 24 hours and....

    still no news!!!
    Fabiano has signed 2 year extention. So he's out of the equation. The only player we have paid for hasn't turned up yet. He's probably gone with the Brasil squad's training camp.
    Parker keeps getting a mention, I hope not. Huntelaar talking to Schalke.
    Who else? We certainly need to add to our squad judging by the first 30 minutes against Young Boys and our game with Wigan.

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    • SB,
      I don't think 'most' people (whoever they are) mean that when they talk about goalscoring records, for the simple reason that you then can't compare striker A to striker B. Imagine we get a good run in both the CL, FA and CC cups and Newcastle fall at the first hurdle - how do you then compare Daffy to Carroll? Daffy may have played 10 more games. You don't include 'international' goals in that do you as well - as they tend to be played in 'the season'. If you reduce your goals scored to goals per game or minute (even better as it takes into account substitute appearances) - then it becomes better (but it still stops, in Carrolls case above, a real comparison, given the inability to play more games - and even if he did play the same number of games, the quaiity of the opposition). Only the league games offers a fairish comparison.
      Maybe I was being an ass for assuming,

      I would also assume (again watch the ears grow) that when 'arry sets his targets for goalscoring, he works on the basis of the league games.

      Keane hasn't been given the games since he's been back to show whether he's lost it or not - and again, I would also say that if we played as we did before Crouch (BC) and with Modric (AM) in the team, Keane would (hypothetical of course) knock the goals in again.

    • obviously i mean all competitions when i say season.

      if i meant just the league, i would have said just the league.

      whenever anyone says season, i always assume they mean all competitions.

      so yes defoe did score over 20 goals last season. i also think defoe & crouch have a decent partnership.

      keane i still think is a good player but has gone stale at spurs.
      in a way i want him to leave because i feel he is too good to be sitting on the bench all season.

    • Yeah, it's today John, 5pm I heard. :S
      And, thinking back, some of these desicions from the Premier League regarding last minute deals that have been delayed have taken days to reslove (Arsharvin), wasn't one player even a week. So what do we do about including or not including Van Der Vaart??? Will be interesting to say the lease.

      Interesting points regarding Keane - I think thats true about any striker, no matter who they are they need a good run of games to show what they can do (any player really). If they get bit parts they can't get any flow and produce at their top level. But with the injuries maybe Keane will get his chance. His commitment on the field is never in question.

      And I agree with the long balls to Crouch, I've long said I don't rate him in the air (however he CAN be really good up there, just not often enough, and is very weak). It's a trick we try to often. I think if you are going to put it on Crouch's head, it needs to be from the wing, not through the middle.

    • Lee,
      I personally like Keane - I just think that something has happened with 'arry. That 'chat' with Joe Jordan seemed to be a telling point. Like any striker (or any player for that matter), you need a run in the team to feel established and to know what is happening. To me the best partnership we had after Keane and Berba, was when Modric then played - the play between Keane and Modric to me would have worked - but then Modric's injury ...and the rest is history. Crouch and Daffy now seem flavour of the month and we bypass Modric with long balls to Crouch from Hudd or Daws, for Crouch to hold up or knock down. But count the times that actually works well. Maybe a series of playmakers in midfield (we should have enough) will force the ball short, and then allow a different style (or multiple styles) of attack.

      The telling point is when the 25 man squads are announced (isn't that today?)

    • Alan P, read Alan H---problem solved.

    • once again we are linked with world class players.....all smoke and no substance......didn't t levy learn anything from saturday....the squad is average ....it is not good enough ....we need 2/3 special players .....or maybe cash in the bank comes first....

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      • good post alan.

        defoe is the only player we have who scores 20+ goals a season. the wigan & city game show we desperatley need another goalscorer.

        pav was a waste of money & will never score 20. keane is now a mid table team standard player & crouch is more of an all round foward.

        im hoping when i get home tonight we have signed a goalscoring foward or else we are going to be frustrated in so many games this yr.

        & what with defoe needing an operation we will be left with 3 strikers who get around 10 goals a season.

        i cant believe how calm levy & harry are about this.

        we have left it far too late again & will probably panick buy like last time & end up wasting another 14m on another pav.

    • if we want to buy something we need to sell because we are already over 25 players, and the time reamaining is too short for 3-4 deals (2 goes, 2 come)....so i think it will remained like this.......in tha game against wigan we see we have problems in the position mentioned: keeper (gomes had 3 injury last year so 100% he will be out again, and cudicini at 37 is ...) ; LD (ekotto is practically single on hi position, bale beeing a LM, and is also not ok to put bale in defense when he is briliant on midfield); midfield( with palacios and hudd you van not create in a match with wigan, we need modric, or another creation midfielder, because the only one we have is modric which is injured); attack( defoe injured, crouch injured, keane not-in-form, pavy.....) ........

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      • I love deadline day!


        Why do we always wait until it's in 24 hrs to make buys. It always leads me to believe that it drives the price up for players that aren't that good.

        With Fabiano and Huntelaar out of the equation who is there to go for? I'm hoping we make a couple of big signings who will shock us all and let go some of our weaker players.

        I'm also wondering why we are going for Parker when he's only slightly better than Wilson. Plus we haven't even seen this guy Sandro yet!

    • Heard we are inquiring about Pienaar

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      • Huntelaar and Fabiano out of the equation. So whos next? We do need a 20 goal a season striker. We're already lacking firepower after only 3 games. 2 goals and both from a former Left Back. Also need a replacement for Assou Ekotto, definitely the worst player we have on the pitch. And probably another CB. Parker would be good but midfield is getting a little packed and I would like to see one of our youth players at some point get a go. To be honest first few prem matches have been pretty discouraging.

    • players we could go for

      figurora-good solid left bk would cost 7m & be good competition for ekoto.

      rodellga-decent striker whos done well at wigan & would surely score more in a better team? 10m

      parker- good CM who works hard & would never coast along like our CM did against wigan.

      huntelar- not sure, looks decent but reminds me of pav because hes very much hit or miss. be great to get on loan as its risk free.

      young- good player but dont think we need him, we have enough small attacking players already.+ he will be expensive.

      shame we let bent go. miles better than pav. we sold the wrong 1.