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  • Jlock Jlock Sep 2, 2010 16:51 Flag

    English players in the 25????

    I thought the Early Dorrs article about the issue was good.
    The FA's have a problem with employment law to contend with as well as trying to introduce a 'more sensible' approach to home grown players.
    The problem with the new rules at the moment, is there's nothing stopping any club buying up 'prospect' players from all over the world and bringing them through their youth squads into the first team pool. But at least it's a start. Maybe, once one or two of the bigger clubs realise that its cheaper to 'grow' their own players and part sponsor lower division teams to 'blood' their prospects, the better it will be, both for the stability of the clubs, and for the prospects of 'British' football.

    Also, if Hoddle's 'finishing' school takes off as it should, then maybe similar models dotted around could be an answer. Providing a centralised 'skills' school - much as the FA were trying (but never quite achieved) with their schools of excellence - is a good way of then providing a similar centralised facility for those clubs who don't have the resources to fund their own enterprises.

    • Hi John, didn't Gazza say something similar recently, after he'd come out from another rehab.
      God I hope it gets going and gives him some reason to help stay off the booze. If he keeps going the way he is he'll end up like George Best or Alex Higgins. I couldn't believe the way the Hurricane looked just before he died. Absolutely shocked!!!!

      WHO is this new dickhead called The Mister??????????