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  • Old Fan Old Fan Sep 2, 2010 22:43 Flag

    English players in the 25????

    I wondering whether we will end up with a similar system to the one that exists in the U.S. with baseball and hockey, where the Major League clubs (read EPL and perhaps Championship) are associated with Minor League Clubs (the rest) as feeder clubs, and players can get "called up" to the majors just as they can get "sent down" to the minors. This way the "fringe" and younger players would get regular games (together), and have the potential for being rewarded for consistent good platy by moving up into the EPL.
    This would also seem to provide a platform for the youngsters to gain experience while staying within the same club system - potentially improve the level of play in the lower leagues - and provide a feeder and development system for young English players.

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    • I was thinking along those lines to OF.

      It seems to work very well and Bring on the new stars.

      I think something Needs to be done Sooner rather than later.

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      • Wenger would not subscribe. Anything English and helping English youth would be way off the radar. He would sooner raid academies on the Continent. And it's rife throughout his ancient English club that is Arsenal. Even the fans don't want to know anything remotely English we the odd exception of players like Walcott and Wilshere, but it makes you wonder how long they would last. I'm sure the fans would be happier if the were in the French League...anti-English pretentious and smug wannabe Frenchies!

        I enjoyed that!

    • OF,
      i recall a couple of clubs with tentative links like that - but I thought at one point it was frowned on by the FA.
      This link is an amusing slant - with Bolton being promoted as a feeder for Chelsea (http://www.dailymail.co.uk/sport/article-1206945/Martin-Samuel-Bolton-feeder-club-Chelsea-Now-thats-offensive.html)!

      I really think the FA have left it a bit late to get some of these ideas going - as by the time something is put in place, another couple of World Cups will have come and gone.

      Just as an aside on the player movement issue, I'm surprised that clubs don't have to advertise playing vacancies and then take whoever is best qualified for the job who will work for the wages offered ;-)! I'm sure there's already a memo to that effect floating around some government 'department of political correctness'... Surely you can't turn a striker because he's only 50? That's discrimination - I'll start dubbining my boots (do you put dubbin on plastic and nylon?)