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  • HighRoadJohn HighRoadJohn Sep 5, 2010 05:56 Flag

    English players in the 25????

    I'm no connoisseur, as they say, but I know what I like. Arsenal may play these very intricate little passing patterns, all very technical, why use one pass when 25 will do, eh? If a bottle of wine taste nice, it's good wine. If it's a nice picture, it's good art! If Cordon Bleu food tastes foul, it's bad grub! And if it's end-to-end and full of incident, it's good, exciting football. I have watched such games in zis country for all my long-assed life. I have seen many great and exciting footballers and I can't be wrong, because the grounds were full in those days too. Go to the continent and find where they get regular five-figure gates in their second tier, let alone their third! Wenger has done all this for us? No. It's been going on forever. Yes he's been a fair manager for Arsenal in the past, and they were such a dull, boring side that they needed someone like him. But there's no denying, there's an underlying anti-Englishness about the man and if it wasn't for the money he's making here I've no doubt he'd be Frog-side in a flash. You and other Arsenal fans may enjoy your fine wines and your Monets and your Bistros and your boring game, but it doesn't float my P&O ferry. No, give me the traditional sweeping exhilirating football of yer Yids any time! It has been open season on Redknapp for a few days, so I thought I'd offer a few of my observations on the gooner's boss. He plays youngsters,and then uses their age as an excuse when they lose, he has players who put the boot in when they've been beaten, and then blames English football for doing this. He NEVER sees or acknowledges any transgressions by his players and rarely gives the opposition any credit. And this is pretty mild stuff, I think. He is a vain, arrogant and stubborn man.