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    English players in the 25????

    I've just looked at the Ar5e's squad.
    There's not one English name in it.
    I know the ruling is 3 years before the age of 21 at English or Welsh FA ..blah de blah de blah, but how the heck is this supposed to help ENGLISH youngsters to progress?????????????????? It helps the gifted ones from what ever country in stead.
    Those wise old men in football admin at it again.

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    • Morning LTS. Just had a look at the lists myself. That is absolutely shocking. I hope the Ar5e board are suitably embarrassed. Obviously Whinger won't be.

    • Longtime,
      I thought the Early Dorrs article about the issue was good.
      The FA's have a problem with employment law to contend with as well as trying to introduce a 'more sensible' approach to home grown players.
      The problem with the new rules at the moment, is there's nothing stopping any club buying up 'prospect' players from all over the world and bringing them through their youth squads into the first team pool. But at least it's a start. Maybe, once one or two of the bigger clubs realise that its cheaper to 'grow' their own players and part sponsor lower division teams to 'blood' their prospects, the better it will be, both for the stability of the clubs, and for the prospects of 'British' football.

      Also, if Hoddle's 'finishing' school takes off as it should, then maybe similar models dotted around could be an answer. Providing a centralised 'skills' school - much as the FA were trying (but never quite achieved) with their schools of excellence - is a good way of then providing a similar centralised facility for those clubs who don't have the resources to fund their own enterprises.

    • Sorry for missing letters and spellings in that post! I didn't check before I posted.

    • No, don't beat about the bush. Just come out and say what you feel...

    • The smell of dubbin and white horse oils in the draughty changing rooms on a Sunday morning, all ready for kick-off at Pymmes Park. Fags out before you cross the touchline, boys!

      Memories of a well-spent youth!

    • Damn Yahoo! Ciggies then!!!

    • Dear oh dear HRJ.

      Absolute waffle!

      'the fans dont want to know anything remotely English with the odd exception of Walcott and Wilshere.."

      You mean apart from two of the very brightest prospects England has to offer i take it?

      Add Gibbs and that makes three of the very brightest prospects England has to offer in my eyes.

      England never won bugger all even when the leagues were FULL of English players.

      A laughable ruling which does nothing but LOWER th equality of the Prem AND the prospects of the English national side.

    • i think it is a good rule & a good start. u cant go making big sweeping changes as there would be up roar from the big clubs.

      this is a good start as it restricts the richer teams to stockpilling 30 or 40 quality players & also promotes homegrown players.

      & on the other hand its not going to upset teams who say they are going to have to dump superstars in the reserves, because who has 26 superstars anyway.

      im not sure about the US system. i hate there system of no relegations or promotions. its shame a small little town in the midwest cant shock everyone & rise into the majors.

      Stillman Valley hosting the LA Lakers!

      they cant limit the homegrown players to british due to EU regulations.

    • I know I waffle sometimes Fab, as do you. It just gets to me how Wenger has de-Anglicised a traditional English Football club and its fans. Just looking on the Arsenal board I read that the English way is to be brutal, to be hoofers and get called thugs all the time. 25 players and not one Englishman named! How can you identify with that? I know you have some good English youngsters coming through, but they are just fringe players, apart from Theo, and they will never be preferred to the likes of Clichy, Sagna etc., who are very average players. Look at his demonising of Paul Scholes...even the staunchest of ManU haters can't deny that he is up there with the best midfielders in the world and has been so for years. If his name had been Paolo Scholi or Jean-Paul le Scholes Wenger wouldn't have been talking about a "dark side" He has nothing but contempt for "zis country" as he calls it, even though he is making a bloody fortune here, and he's taking the Arsenal fans down that road with him. As I have said before, he's changed the way Arsenal play, but he's done nothing for English football even though Gooners claim he has changed that as well. English football was fine before he came here and will survive long after he has gone.

    • Wenger has moved Arsenal forward and made the club able to compete at the highest level in Europe on relatively little finance.

      He wouldn't have been able to do that if he was splashing money around trying to compete financially with United and Chelsea (now City too) on the minute amount of English talent available worthy of wearing the Arsenal shirt under Wenger.

      Wenger buys CLASS players John and sod the nationality and his teams play WONDERFUL football. The likes of which this country had never witnessed before his arrival.

      Did he change the English game??

      He DECIMATED it!!!

      Ferguson had to splash BIG time to keep up and all credit to him he kept up and moved his own game forward.

      You think the likes of Merson and Dixon and Winterburn and Keown etc would have made it into a modern Wenger team without MAJOR improvement???

      Dixon has even said he couldn't keep up with the new breed of ATHLETE that Wenger brung to the club.

      The English game of yesteryear is gone and cannot compete with the new style of ...well.....English game as it has become too fast.

      Arsenal can compete in the CL year after year as well as the Prem and finish CONSISTENTLY among the ELITE.

      That is what Wenger has done to Arsenal.

      The coming years will see PLENTY of English players coming through at Arsenal but they will be far more technically sound than those of yesteryear.

      No cart horses at this club.

      We have no need.



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