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  • sledge sledge Sep 4, 2010 05:07 Flag

    Mixed Bag!

    Well done England!
    Vey well done Defoe!!!

    Oh! Dawson... Hope you're ok mate, get well soon...

    What's going on?!?! We seem to have no luck at all with our centre backs... :(

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    • Fab - you keep bleating on about how good Walnutt is and how well he plays for Ar$e and how is should be first on the team sheet for England and if I were a blind Ar$e supporter I would say the same. You are bound to hear that most people on here would choose Lennon over Walnutt everytime but you should not be surprised at that eh!!

      Some independent "experts" agree with you whilst others don't. The question is one of balance i.e. how many say Aye and how many say Nay and we will never get a difinitive answer on that BUT there are enough out there that say he is not good enough yet to leave a very big doubt so you will just have to live with it.

      He is getting better and he is one I would like to see picked for England once he starts to be more consistent and picking the right ball instead of running off the park BUT he ain't ready yet mate IMO for a starting place. Maybe he should be in the squad so that if we need to scare a defence with speed alone we can bring him on but thats as far as it goes.

    • I completely agree with the last statement Fab! So we can agree with that - and yes time will tell. As I said - no doubt Walcott has talent and he's a nice young lad - just hasn't developed all that is necessary to be a top England player (of course - same could be said of a lot of players who have pulled on an England shirt of late!)

    • We'll see 'OF' ..........we'll see.

      Expect further discussion on master Walcott.

      For now i will leave it there.

      You have your views and i have mine.

      I am happy Walcott is wearing an Arsenal shirt and Lennon a Spurs shirt and that is all i will say for now.

    • Fab - sorry but shining against Blackpool doesn't really make someone deserving of an England shirt. If he was a consistent player there is no doubt I would be happy to see him play for England. Fact is - he isn't - and doesn't deserve and England shirt any more than Lennon does right now - although I think that with the additional years Lennon has, he reads the game better than Walcott.
      So no - it's not a case of Lennon vs. Walcott (neither of them are deserving based on current form and performance) - so while you are banging on about Walcott, all he really has is some speed - and that's not enough. He's not a creator, he's a recipient! Give him some time and he will hopefully learn what he needs to fill what is currently a gaping hole in his abilities - and then he will hopefully achieve the ability to play as part of a team.

    • Spurs have a similar guy, and we all know who he is.

    • Well with all respect H young Walcott seemed to be reading the game and pressing the correct button last couple of games for Arsenal.

      He has shown fine form in the past too. Prior to his injuries.

      He had a below avergae game for England.

      Like many before him IMO.

      A bit of an over reaction against the lad i think.

      Give him a tadd more time before shoving him under the next passing truck is all i say.


    • So, if anyone plays for Arsenal they should be regular internationals whether they are good enough or not? Typical gooner arrogance!

    • Fab, I'm showing you a bit of respect here, mate, because the guy's a powder keg of talent and you know he is. But, for me he hasn't acquired the gift of when to press the button at the right time.
      You know what I'd do, and you can tell Arsene this from me. Drop him back behind the play for a few games and let him absorb more reading of the game. He'd be able to do it, I'm sure he would---that's before Roger shoves him amongst the traffic.

    • Not fit to pull on the England shirt yet fit to pull on the Arsenal shirt???

      If he is fit for Arsenal..... he is more than fit for England as far as i am concerned.

      Walcott had a poor game. So what?

      It's hard to think of one England player who is consistent at present IMO.

      I feel this is more a case of Theo V Lennon with you guys.

      I hope Walcott has another chance to shine on Tuesday myself.

      He has been in SCORCHING form for Arsenal.

    • There ya go again Roger - beating around the bush!!
      Walcott was in his own world, and never looked part of the team. So Fab - he has the occasional good game for you lot - but again, no consistency. As someone else has already commented, there are several players who are more deserving of a place than him - and yes, one of them is Lennon, another is Johnson ... and there are at least another 2-3! Aside from being quick, he doesn't have a head for the game unless he's being set up and given the opportunity on a plate (he's a little like Lennon of 3+ years ago). And let's face it - he is absolute shite at defending - simply not a part of his consciousness!
      Yeah he's a nice lad, yeah he says the right things, yeah he's quickish, yeah he's young ... and he still ain't good enough to pull on an England shirt - let's see him have a strong and consistent year for the Arse, then revisit his England credentials..

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