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  • longtimespur longtimespur Sep 4, 2010 17:11 Flag

    What's the problem with .....

    Michael Dawson. Can't find any news of his injury from last nights game.
    It looked horrific in slomo on the box. I fear his ligaments have been torn in his knee and possibly damage to his ankle too.
    Has anybody heard anything about it?
    We certainly can't afford to lose him for a prolonged period.
    No Woodgate, dodgy Ledders, in-experienced Bassong, iffy Kaboul, un-known Gallas, Hudd is midfield really, Naughton is more a full back, Corluka is .........well Corluka. I'm not one of his fans,
    Could be a real testing period without Daws.

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    • its a big blow. i think we can safely say he wont play again this yr. but hopefully he will be back early nxt yr.

      look like we have to play king once a wk in the tougest game, then play gallas when king cant.

      so at least we will always have 1 experienced CB.

      then we can use kaboul & bassong to partner them.

      be careful longtimespurs saying u not a corluka fan,
      half the board will be up in arms.

      its obvious corluka is very average but u must keep it to yourself or at that very most just whisper it lol.

    • This is just our luck LTS...we get these world class centre backs and we end up without them. It's always our best players who get laid up, and Dawson is definitely among those! I hope the lad recovers fully and swiftly. An excellent player and a nice guy. Hope Ledders is OK to do more...we've had no luck with CBs since Judas left for the unhygenic side. Perhaps Gallas will save us!