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  • sledge sledge Sep 5, 2010 00:57 Flag

    What's the problem with .....

    After watching the game last night and seeing the obvious agony and devastation on Dawsons face! If he really is out for a maximum of upto 6-8 weeks, then I feel kind of relieved.
    I'm just hoping that he makes a full recovery, and that his knee won't become a recurring issue.

    His absence ofcourse is however, a huge blow for Spurs.

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    • Big blow for Spurs (and England!) - and yes - the way he went down I feared the worst - so only 6-8 weeks is great news!
      From experience, ligament damage/strain is way more painful than a break of any kind, and no reason why he shouldn't completely recover.
      Thankful that 'arry picked up Gallas. I think that between Gallas, Kaboul, Ledley, and Bassong, we will be OK.
      Also struck me that what 'arry did during the transfer season was to really strengthen our core down the middle. Gallas, Sandro, and van der Vaart really do look like a quality backbone - throw in the other players we have and we are looking pretty good - especially with Daffy coming into form. Assuming we play van der Vaart in a similar role to Rooney, Daffy could do really well this season - as could Keane if he can make the runs and van der Vaart can pick him out.
      And then there's Modric and Hudd, Bale and Lennon.
      I am liking the squad more and more - vdV will push/be pushed by Modric, Sandro will push/be pushed by Hudd & Palacios. And with the solid core and wide players in midfield, I've gotta believe that our strikers are all going to be reaping some benefits.
      COYS - and come on Daws - prayers for a speedy and complete recovery !