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    Should we support Dawson considering . . . .


    It is well known that the Dawson family have long been invovled in anti-semite activity in Austria. The sheer amount of diamonds stolen by his bloodline should have stopped the club from allowing him to put on a Spurs shirt.

    I am not sure his injury is entirely accidental either. It's like he smeered his genitals in Chum & went to Battersea for kicks. I for one cannot agree with the current media support of this man & his "injury".

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    • Mate, if you really do have a wife and kids, get help as soon as you can, for their sakes.

      When they told you you had an IQ of 328, they meant 3+2+8, a total of 13, which no doubt you've managed to add up all by yourself, albeit using fingers and toes.

      Here's another IQ test, try spelling FU*KW*T.

    • ''is it possible that I have a wife, children, own a house & car, earn more than 40K a year, etc''

      Nope ....

      ok... I'll concede you probaly have your own transport...judging by your posts I'm guessing you have one of those mobility scooters....you know the one those fat lazy fcuks have scammed from social services so they can drive down to the post office to cash their ill gotten disabilty giros?

    • Ha, you're questioning my gramma and punctuation when you can't even form a through line in your own misguided logic? You constantly jump between the fascist and marxism line without understanding each, then throw in lesbian and homosexual insults. While I'm not gay, let me ask you this: Do you have a problem with gay people? Bit fascist isn't it? Would that make you a hypocrite?

      And you don't have an IQ of 328 dear boy, your posts and thought patterns in the way you write are proof enough of that.

      And you can't follow how the Dawson and Mutu thing is different? Mutu got into trouble for taking illegal drugs. One person (you) has claimed that Dawson has forefathers who profited from slavery (dare so a lot of us do at some point), but have no proof of the matter, and depite the fact that being in someone's family tree is no crime. Are you honestly saying these simple facts escape you? If so, then its further proof that your IQ is nowhere near 328. Maybe if we lose the last digit we'd be closer to the mark.

      And the constant, irreverent references to used for pure shock value are pretty poor too. I like random humor, but it's not even halfway to being clever. Then again, neither are you, as you have proved.

      But you know what, you really don't believe all this crap yourself do you? You're just here for a few giggles trying to get a rise out of people by dishing out insults. Because thats what you need for enjoyment in your sad little life. You're not happy enough with yourself or you wouldn't feel the need to go and deliberately annoy others and try to get a rise.

      And that makes you a pretty sad person.

    • See its true - you learn something new every day.

      I didn't know until Archibald Randall pointed it out that there were diamond mines in Austria did you?

      This man Randall is evidence, if it were needed, that some people should not have access to the internet. In fact, thinking about it, he should not have access to food and water either.

    • Archibald Randall - can I suggest that your lineage has not moved on quite as fast as others and in fact you still have an ape at the head of your household.

      Your drivel is quite outstanding for it's inane stupidity. Any normal person would be ashamed of thinking the way you do let alone putting in print. And at 54 you really should know better. There again, stupidity and ignorance know no age limits do they old boy!

    • No, you idiot, what happened to Mutu was because of his own actions. Not something his forefathers did.

      And you have still not provided anything to show that this Dawson is a direct relation to the Spurs player. Nor will you, because I'd wager you can't. He should not be sacked for it, even if it turned out to be true. Why? Because it has no bearing on him as a person now.

      'you are so inwardly obstructed with pro marxist/lesbian tendencies that you cannot admit where mistakes are made a tottenham'

      Please, spare me that bull. Pro marxist / lesbian tendancies? So in a previous post I'm supposedly a fascist? Now a marxist (quite a contridiction there son) and also pro tendancies. But surely, by labelling me in such a way, without knowing me or taking into account what I'm saying (ie - a person should be judged by his own actions, not those that came before him) - YOU are the faciast here. Can't you see that. And what does marxism and lesbianism have to do with one another.

      I'll tell you what I am. I'm pro choice, as long as it doesn't hurt other people. If people are lesbian, fine. Marxist. Fine. Jewish. Fine. Aresnal fans...go on then, I'll let that slide too.

      I'm not demanding proof because I'm a fascist - YOU have made an allegation against someone. If you have no proof to back it up, how can you be taken seriously? Fact is, you can't.

      You seem a little confused with your classifactions for people (a little marxist itself to put people in boxes like that), as you seem to condridict yourself quite a bit, further proof you don't really understand what you were saying and are just doing it to provoke a reaction.

      Anyway, I'm bored of you now - fact is this: Michael Dawson will have no action brought towards him for what his forefathers might or might not have done. He is not guilty of any war crimes or racism. Those are the laws of the country. You cannot be held accountable for what other people in your family have done if you have had no direct bearing on it. And since Michael Dawson wasn't even born, I'd say he's in the clear. As I say, these are the laws of the country we live in, so you're just going to have to deal with it.

      I'm done with you now - you have put forth no legitimate argument other than ill informed and contradictory ramblings so you can't be taken seriously. In short, as I said before, you are an idiot (someone with a far below average IQ).

    • Can you try to put your posts into plain English please....you sound like Stephen Fry on crack.
      Have you had a stroke?.....................oops silly question

    • Poor old Ar5ena1.....is this the best those saps have got to offer this board?

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