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  • dave harding dave harding Sep 9, 2010 05:47 Flag

    DON'T READ THIS : The lowest intel

    It has dawned on me that there are some on these here boards that are afriad to discuss soccer with fever & dissenting voices... they instead resort to lowering the species by reporting.

    Like a fat kid complaining to mommy.

    Even though i regularly read inane & boring & cliche comments from the "regulars" (Lee, EY, Sfer) I do not resort to blaming them for their views or mocking their banality.

    It is with sadness that I shall remain to ensure the higher sense of justice shall prevail with my threads from a randomly generating internal IP adress & multiple ids. I welcome the challenge from these un-equals.

    As usual .. .. ..COYS !!!!!

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    • Give it up Jeff (oh how i wish that were your real name)

      These are Spuds you are trying to talk to.... nothing but resentment since 1961 !!!!!!! LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      THey are starting to beleive that they are worthy of being in the top 4 - what a joke. Bent manager, angry supporters, weak Board..... do you really think they will make it out of the first group stage in CL? Let's be real.

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      • The real cliches here is you thinking you are the first w*nker to ever spam a football forum.
        Creating ID's to converse with yourself?...I got news for you...its been done to death here sonny.
        Titilating yourself by posting obscenities under the guise of a football thread?.......I've seen much better than your lame efforts over the years.
        Most of the board have chosen to ignore you...you only exist because I have responded and kept you ticking over....but times up!....I will resist responding to you or any of your other fake ID's until you shrivel up and disappear on the breeze. Oh I know it will take a while but it will happen.
        It just aint no fun when your ignored is it palm lover?