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  • Lee Lee Sep 9, 2010 22:07 Flag

    Defoe Injury

    Yeah, its a worry Alan. All we can do is hope that the strikers we have available will step up and do the business. I think they could be capable, but would have prefered a more bankable solution (in the transfer window that has passed us).

    Crouch is capable of hitting form and going on a good run, as is Pav. Both showed that at times last season. Keane may well still have something left. We can live in hope.

    Quesiton is, what formation do we play? I'd be tempted to go for a 4-5-1 and sit VDV in behind a lone striker (think Sfer posted this on a different thread). Still think we are capable of getting the points with what we have.

    Shame though, Defoe was looking very sharp.

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    • Agreed that JD was getting it together somewhat...although not yet for Spurs done forget. On paper we should not have any shortage of firepower upfron what with Crouch, GDS, Pav, Keane not to mention the midfield input of Bale Modric and VDV chipping in with their fair share ( a luxury we have been without over recent years you may recall).
      Sure I would have liked us to have made that big signing of a top striker in the transfer window.....but really, with what we have in the squad we ought to be well able to take up the slack when JD isnt playing?
      Time for a few of our strikers to step up (Pav, GDS)....with VDV, Bale, Modric and Lennon threading those lovely passes and crosses in.....sh*t even my granny should be able to fluke one or two in off her newly replaced knee.