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  • Jlock Jlock Sep 9, 2010 22:29 Flag

    Defoe Injury

    I would think that 'array believes that the goals will come from elsewhere on the pitch like last season.
    Bale has started well, and with Modric and Van de Vaart , Huddlestone and Lennon, we have enough skill to score more from midfield.
    I don't think Keane,Pav or Crouch are dummies either. All strikers go through lean patches - the injury to Daffy, just gives one of the lesser used strikers the chance to shine.
    The telling bit will be whether Keane gets to play - as, as I said before, I think he has upset someone at the club. That 'chat' with Joe Jordan that he had seemed to be a crossroads,

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    • Am I the only one thinking this could be a great chance for GDS to step up and stake a claim for a regular place in the squad? He's used to the continental style of play so I think would combine well with vdV and cause even more havoc to the oppo defenders.

      By the same token, Pavy could also come into his own with this style of play.

      But you're right John, if Keane doesn't get the nod either 'Arry has decided to keep him for the CC or early FA Cup matches or only use him when he has no first/second/third choice striker. Shame, as I think he's starting to recover his form - he scored again on Tuesday in the Replublic's international game v Andorra.

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      • Altough Pav did not play to often last year he was the one player who scored some important goals for us, we seem to be a bit bighted with injuries and hope this is not the curse of C/L.
        We have already lost Modric and now Michael and Daffy these 3 guys are so important to us but as already mentioned we have enough fire power to use, although i was dissapointed to see Danny Rose go out on loan to Bristol seems that these young hopefuls that we have signed will never get there chance, possibly in the carling cup but players like the 2 Kyles John Bostock, Townsend and Danny Rose to me do not seem to have a future with us hope i am wrong.
        be great to get the first C/L win under are belt next week and hope we can dom it in style.