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  • huge blow. this is the 1 player we couldnt afford to lose.

    he is our only regular scorer. i wish harry had seen we needed another goalscorer what with keane going stale, pav being so inconsistant & crouch being more of an all rounder rather than an out & out goalscorer.

    i can see us firing a lot more blanks like games against city & wigan.

    my only hope is someone else steps us.

    i dont think u can say we have lots of goalscoring midfielders who can take the burden. hudd scores 3 at most in a season, modric is poor at shooting so will get less than 5 & lennon is more of a creater.

    im still glad we sold tarabt, he is more of a championship player.
    big difference between the championship & prem.

    im actually glad we our loaning out rose because we cant really risk playing him at the moment.

    who would u want to drop for rose?