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  • RAMBR0 RAMBR0 Sep 10, 2010 01:37 Flag

    Defoe Injury

    Lee, wasn't the operation Daffy was supposed to have on his groin? The current injury is a bad ankle sprain...just checking to see if you might have mixed up injuries (unless you're saying operate on the groin while recovering from the ankle - oooh that'd be a tough one...I had to recover from a badly sprained ankle and an achilles op at the same time...had to bear weight on the bad ankle as I wasn't allowed to bear any weight on the other leg...not something I'd wish on anyone...well, maybe a gooner...ok, maybe a gooner that comes on here and writes a lot of bollocks ...or anyone that comes on here and writes a lot of bollocks in fact!).

    As for our central defense - don't forget the ex-goon Gallas is getting into shape, he'd be a good replacement for Dawson; play him with Kaboul when King's resting (as they both speak French...as does Seb Bassong if I'm not mistaken...damn, we're even starting to sound like a goon squad!).

    We did break the Prem record for amount of different scorers in one season...but you take away a 20-goal scorer and you have a slog of a path to go through to overcome that. Keane, fit and hungry would be the one...not sure what this conversation with J Jordan was, but with the arrival of VDV, he (Keane) might find us worthy of his talents again, and stop pissing it away in a sulk and a moan. We'll see!

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    • RAMBR0 - yeah, my thinking wass that whilst he's out with his ankle is it worth getting the opp for his groin. I've suffered a sprained ankle so know how painful that is, but never had anything done to my groin (a deliberate set up there for anyone who wants to make a pun ;) so you may be right that it could be a bit much to go through to recover from both.

      I'd agree Gallas is going to have to come into the fold pretty quickly and I'm hoping he has the same effect on the younger players that King has - in that they always seem to play better alongside him. To be honest I think both Kaboul and Bassong could grow into very good CB's, with the right tutoring. So whilst I'm worried about our CB position, its still not too bad when you look at the rest of the league.

      Like you, I'm hoping VDV can prove to be something special and really help the forward(s) out. I think the ones we have are capable, so it's far from doom and gloom. Every striker goes through dips in form, lets hope Pav/Keane/Crouch can step up. I'm going to go out on a limb and say that they will. Either because I'm a positive person or a glutton for punishment lol.