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  • Layla Layla Sep 10, 2010 20:55 Flag

    Defoe Injury

    alan, u fancy swapping pav for bent?

    some good points in the post.

    im devestated by the loss of defoe for at least 3mths.
    he is the 1 player i felt we couldnt afford to lose as he is our only regular goalscorer.

    & im more annoyed harry didnt get us a proven goalscorer.

    BUT like someone already mentioned, this will open up a place in the team for another striker to prove they are either up to it or cant cut it for us anymore.

    keane & pav will surely get a few games now.

    this for me should be a chance to play them regular & decide whether to keep them or let them go.

    crouch i reckon is worth keeping anyway because he is pretty reliable to score 10-15 a season, quite a few assists & good all round play.

    can keane cut it at a CL team? can pav become consistant?

    i hope they both step up, but if im honest i dont think they will.

    i think it will be left to the midfield to try & cover defoes injury.

    if we can aim to stay in the top 8 & still in the CL by the time dawson & defoe come bk. then we can make up lost ground.

    if we fire blanks again away to west brom, we shouldnt get too down. we are missing key players & knew we were short in those areas.

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    • Can't cut you a swap, s-babe. Darren's about the same age as his average annual goals haul--25, ( and now he's in the England set up ) Pav's cracking on a bit, 29. Mind you, Harry seems to have a similar issue with Pav that he did with Bent. I rate Pav, big strong lad, he needs to be put in there and left in to build his confidence up.
      Just as a memo, great minds think alike, I've noticed Roger the dodger rates Pav as well.