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  • Lee Lee Sep 9, 2010 20:30 Flag

    Defoe Injury

    So Defoe will supposedly be out for at least 6 weeks. Whilst this is a bit of a bugger, I'm thinking is it worth him going ahead with this operation during his downtime. It seems to be a bit on again off again but, if he's already out, is it worth just getting it over with?

    Although there is the chance that if the operation is not absolutely needed it may do more harm than good. I'm no doctor so I'm not sure how much risk is associated with it.

    Just a thought.

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    • That's a big blow for you guys---get Bobby Smith warmed up.

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      • alan, u fancy swapping pav for bent?

        some good points in the post.

        im devestated by the loss of defoe for at least 3mths.
        he is the 1 player i felt we couldnt afford to lose as he is our only regular goalscorer.

        & im more annoyed harry didnt get us a proven goalscorer.

        BUT like someone already mentioned, this will open up a place in the team for another striker to prove they are either up to it or cant cut it for us anymore.

        keane & pav will surely get a few games now.

        this for me should be a chance to play them regular & decide whether to keep them or let them go.

        crouch i reckon is worth keeping anyway because he is pretty reliable to score 10-15 a season, quite a few assists & good all round play.

        can keane cut it at a CL team? can pav become consistant?

        i hope they both step up, but if im honest i dont think they will.

        i think it will be left to the midfield to try & cover defoes injury.

        if we can aim to stay in the top 8 & still in the CL by the time dawson & defoe come bk. then we can make up lost ground.

        if we fire blanks again away to west brom, we shouldnt get too down. we are missing key players & knew we were short in those areas.

    • I read somewhere that JDs groin trouble may have been the result of him using an exercise machine to strenghten his stomach muscles. As soon as the medical team realised the link he was told to stop using the machine and hey presto his groin stopped hurting!

    • With this news of a 3 month lay-off, wouldn't it be prudent to sort his groin out at the same time.
      I know it was an each way bet on him having it done and, apparently, he's been doing strengthening exercises for it but it seems logical to me to have a look see while he's incapacitated.

    • Hi Layla.....Not so much of a case of who would we drop, mmore a case of who is left standing. We seem to be getting another crop of injuries again. I would prefer Rose to JJ anyday!!
      Taraabt maybe isn't EPL standard at the moment but he has oudles of ability and IMHO I think that given time he could become more consistant and a very good squad player. I'll remind you of this later, if it happens. lol. Re your other comment about midfielders scoring, he can score goals too.
      Hopefully VDV will make a difference! Robben raved about him in an interview. We will see if he can do it in the EPL.
      Anyhow I must dash going away for the w/e, so won't see much footy. COYS

    • Its a right bugger but i reckon the ol vodka boy will deliver the goods. Streaky will nod in a few from 10ft up and even Keano might be up for a couple after his two appalling misses for the ROI. He's got a point to prove.
      . And indeed as numerous have pointed out Defoe does blow hot and cold throughout the season and we've relied on the others last season. Plus the DOS Man in reserve. MArvellous

      We're not a one man team like the gooners or Liverpool thank fuck

    • huge blow. this is the 1 player we couldnt afford to lose.

      he is our only regular scorer. i wish harry had seen we needed another goalscorer what with keane going stale, pav being so inconsistant & crouch being more of an all rounder rather than an out & out goalscorer.

      i can see us firing a lot more blanks like games against city & wigan.

      my only hope is someone else steps us.

      i dont think u can say we have lots of goalscoring midfielders who can take the burden. hudd scores 3 at most in a season, modric is poor at shooting so will get less than 5 & lennon is more of a creater.

      im still glad we sold tarabt, he is more of a championship player.
      big difference between the championship & prem.

      im actually glad we our loaning out rose because we cant really risk playing him at the moment.

      who would u want to drop for rose?

    • Lee, wasn't the operation Daffy was supposed to have on his groin? The current injury is a bad ankle sprain...just checking to see if you might have mixed up injuries (unless you're saying operate on the groin while recovering from the ankle - oooh that'd be a tough one...I had to recover from a badly sprained ankle and an achilles op at the same time...had to bear weight on the bad ankle as I wasn't allowed to bear any weight on the other leg...not something I'd wish on anyone...well, maybe a gooner...ok, maybe a gooner that comes on here and writes a lot of bollocks ...or anyone that comes on here and writes a lot of bollocks in fact!).

      As for our central defense - don't forget the ex-goon Gallas is getting into shape, he'd be a good replacement for Dawson; play him with Kaboul when King's resting (as they both speak French...as does Seb Bassong if I'm not mistaken...damn, we're even starting to sound like a goon squad!).

      We did break the Prem record for amount of different scorers in one season...but you take away a 20-goal scorer and you have a slog of a path to go through to overcome that. Keane, fit and hungry would be the one...not sure what this conversation with J Jordan was, but with the arrival of VDV, he (Keane) might find us worthy of his talents again, and stop pissing it away in a sulk and a moan. We'll see!

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      • RAMBR0 - yeah, my thinking wass that whilst he's out with his ankle is it worth getting the opp for his groin. I've suffered a sprained ankle so know how painful that is, but never had anything done to my groin (a deliberate set up there for anyone who wants to make a pun ;) so you may be right that it could be a bit much to go through to recover from both.

        I'd agree Gallas is going to have to come into the fold pretty quickly and I'm hoping he has the same effect on the younger players that King has - in that they always seem to play better alongside him. To be honest I think both Kaboul and Bassong could grow into very good CB's, with the right tutoring. So whilst I'm worried about our CB position, its still not too bad when you look at the rest of the league.

        Like you, I'm hoping VDV can prove to be something special and really help the forward(s) out. I think the ones we have are capable, so it's far from doom and gloom. Every striker goes through dips in form, lets hope Pav/Keane/Crouch can step up. I'm going to go out on a limb and say that they will. Either because I'm a positive person or a glutton for punishment lol.

    • Am not sure but you can bet Harry' kicking himself for not strengthening rhe defence and attack during the transfer window. I am not so worried about the defence as I think Kaboul is a good stand-in but FFS who's going to score our goals??

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      • Alan,
        I would think that 'array believes that the goals will come from elsewhere on the pitch like last season.
        Bale has started well, and with Modric and Van de Vaart , Huddlestone and Lennon, we have enough skill to score more from midfield.
        I don't think Keane,Pav or Crouch are dummies either. All strikers go through lean patches - the injury to Daffy, just gives one of the lesser used strikers the chance to shine.
        The telling bit will be whether Keane gets to play - as, as I said before, I think he has upset someone at the club. That 'chat' with Joe Jordan that he had seemed to be a crossroads,

      • Yeah, its a worry Alan. All we can do is hope that the strikers we have available will step up and do the business. I think they could be capable, but would have prefered a more bankable solution (in the transfer window that has passed us).

        Crouch is capable of hitting form and going on a good run, as is Pav. Both showed that at times last season. Keane may well still have something left. We can live in hope.

        Quesiton is, what formation do we play? I'd be tempted to go for a 4-5-1 and sit VDV in behind a lone striker (think Sfer posted this on a different thread). Still think we are capable of getting the points with what we have.

        Shame though, Defoe was looking very sharp.