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  • Kentish Maid Kentish Maid Sep 15, 2010 02:58 Flag

    Gareth Bale ...

    ... Get in there!!!


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    • lets put this talk of problem FB's to bed - BAE is inconsistent, all agreed on that - so lets not get a back up for him as SB has bangedon we do - lets make BAE the backup to Bale.
      Harry has said previously he sees Bale as a definite LB, not LM - his defending is improving and for what he gives us going forward, with his energy he can do that better charging forward than chasing back to fetch the ball in a crowded midfiled. We have enough talented midfield ball players to fill a spot at LM.

      RB, you guys seem to be saying Corluka has has a shit start to the season - I haven't seen enough live play to form an opinion, and will happily bow to your judgement. But we're what only 5/6 games in, by all means bring the youngsters on just in case, have them close to ready but from what he proved last season, when he rec'd a lot of plaudits and was clearly our most consistent defender after Dawson, I'd give the guy a few more games to turn it round. It's not as if most of the team have been sparking. Seems he's becoming a bit of a scapegoat...we talk about loyalty in football, well dont we as fans need to show some too, for the way he played a massive part in helping us to our best season for years. Look at Aaron Lennon last year and this - no doubt Corluka helped Lennon have the season of his life and vice versa, the right side was a strength all season for us, whereas the left side was moribund till Bale took the world by storm 2nd half.
      Reminds me a little of the dishonesty shown to Martin Jol after 2 5th place finishes - poor start, get rid - look where it got us.- bottom of the league. I like Kaboul but his positioning isnt right there, least not yet - he's always liable to have a BAE moment - he's a CB/DM. Hutton is an exciting player but he can't defend and I dont think he'll ever make it at Spurs. Corluka we all know can defend, he's proven himself consistently last season, apparently he just isnt doing it very well right now. Stick with our best, proven option - if Corluka doesnt turn it round, then ok - but we owe him longer than this IMO. Walker would seem to be the only viable long term option - if Corluka has to be left out in a few weeks, then give the job to Walker, let him learn on the job...theres an unpleasant smell of panic that reninds me of a scouser team going on right now.
      If we dropped someone for not doing their job, how did Defoe keep his place though 2nd half of last season?

    • Cheers OF. Walker certainly isn't as raw as he was when he came to us last season when to me it was obvious he was the less favoured of the 2 Kyles. However, he's matured a lot but as you say still has a way to go so maybe the loan is a good deal for him.

      Don't agree with playing Kaboul at RB regularly - he's OK at it and currently better than Charlie but it's not his best position and he'll inevitably (IMO) drift in to the centre. Can't understand why Hutton doesn't get a run-out either. Scotland aren't a bad team but if he's 1st choice for them ...

      Prefer Bale at LM but if needs be play him at LB when we really need it. Just wish we could have the "Dr Jekyll" BAE on the field every game rather than the "Mr Hyde" one.

      Longtime - Walker is only on loan for 1 month, though I'd guess it could be extended if both sides agree.

      As for the coarse language - glad you consider me a lady but don't stand on ceremony where I'm concerned ;-)

    • Is that 1 month loan true OF? I din't see that. Just thought they'd farmed out another of the youngsters and, like KM, it pisses me off too.
      Although that might be a bit coarse language wise for a lady like KM. lol

    • No apologies necessary Kentish. After watching the lad in a couple of England U-21 games, he seems to have come on a lot over the past year, and I wouldn't mind seeing him given the starting job for a few games. I think he will probably get skinned a couple of times, but he has some skill, is quick, can defend as well as run on the overlap. He is still very young tho' and still makes some stupid mistakes. Although I have always been a fan of Corluka, I do not think Kyle could do any worse than the way he has been playing, and could be a big improvement.
      Or - let Kaboul have a run in the RB position. For some reason 'arry doesn't seem to like Hutton - despite the fact that he get's picked for Scotland even when he is not playing for Spurs 1st team (not sure if that is saying more about 'arry or Scotland!).
      Fact still remains that BAE is plain ass scary, and I'd rather see Bale at LB with Modric at LM.

    • You're probably right OF.

      Apologies, it was a knee-jerk comment made in frustration at a lot of our youngsters going out on loan when I reckon some ought to be given a fair crack of the whip back at home.

    • Hey Kentish - what about he loaned our Walker (the loan is only for 1 month), so he can get some regular playing time in preparation for coming back and playing for us on a regular basis?

    • JL i am never one to knock the lads in fact i have always supported Corluka but i do feel just lately he has been extremeley poor, last night he had no idea, he kept playing us in to trouble all night he lost out on tackles when he had the ball and when he delivered the ball for a so called pass it went straight to the opposition, when we played man City first game i was in the Queen Vic with the man City fans, one guy i spoke to thought he was the bees knees and was mad that Citeh had sold him to us, obviously you do not become bad over night but his performances really are not up to what is required, its the same with Ekoto one game he is very good the next he is very bad, its not a knock at our boys but we have to get the balance right and until we do we are going to leak goals, if you looked at Ekoto for the goal he was stood watching on the first goal.
      I know we have injuries and sometimes they dictate the way we play but i think until we have top class full backs and consistent C/D we cannot call ourselves what you call a top C/L team.

    • That'd be the Kyle Walker who apparently played a blinder for QPR last night along with that other unwanted player, Adel Taraabt???

    • Do you think 'Arry has now loaned Kyle Walker out as well so that he has to play Corluka???

    • I would completeley agree with all of that old fan, Corluka looks awful to me far to slow and his passing out of defence awful so i agree with you play Kaboul where he plays i think he had a fair game last night but i have always quite liked him, i thought he had good potential the first time around but was not played to much in my opinion, your other point about Lennon is also correct he does not seem interested any more, i watched the game at the albion on Saturday and he was worse than poor, he just seems to stroll around does not seem to want to beat and get around the defenders.
      Palasios has not been to sharp but thought he did ok last night when he came on, have to agree with some of the posters JJ looked ok last night. The only thing of concern to me now is Bale he is on fire and consistent but when he plays in C/L he is even more in the shop window and could attract some big European team, i just hope we build around him and he stays, now we have VDV who looked everything like a C/L player last night, and finally a mention for Pater Crouch playing the lone striker i thought he did really well last night and ran his socks off. All in all a good game under the cosh towards the end but i think any of us would have took the point before the game, the other game in our group did us a favour and bear in mind we still have the big guns to come back, Modric, Defoe, Dawson and Gomez so all in a good night for us and the boys.

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