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  • MEL MEL Sep 15, 2010 20:19 Flag

    Gareth Bale ...

    JL i am never one to knock the lads in fact i have always supported Corluka but i do feel just lately he has been extremeley poor, last night he had no idea, he kept playing us in to trouble all night he lost out on tackles when he had the ball and when he delivered the ball for a so called pass it went straight to the opposition, when we played man City first game i was in the Queen Vic with the man City fans, one guy i spoke to thought he was the bees knees and was mad that Citeh had sold him to us, obviously you do not become bad over night but his performances really are not up to what is required, its the same with Ekoto one game he is very good the next he is very bad, its not a knock at our boys but we have to get the balance right and until we do we are going to leak goals, if you looked at Ekoto for the goal he was stood watching on the first goal.
    I know we have injuries and sometimes they dictate the way we play but i think until we have top class full backs and consistent C/D we cannot call ourselves what you call a top C/L team.