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  • I would completeley agree with all of that old fan, Corluka looks awful to me far to slow and his passing out of defence awful so i agree with you play Kaboul where he plays i think he had a fair game last night but i have always quite liked him, i thought he had good potential the first time around but was not played to much in my opinion, your other point about Lennon is also correct he does not seem interested any more, i watched the game at the albion on Saturday and he was worse than poor, he just seems to stroll around does not seem to want to beat and get around the defenders.
    Palasios has not been to sharp but thought he did ok last night when he came on, have to agree with some of the posters JJ looked ok last night. The only thing of concern to me now is Bale he is on fire and consistent but when he plays in C/L he is even more in the shop window and could attract some big European team, i just hope we build around him and he stays, now we have VDV who looked everything like a C/L player last night, and finally a mention for Pater Crouch playing the lone striker i thought he did really well last night and ran his socks off. All in all a good game under the cosh towards the end but i think any of us would have took the point before the game, the other game in our group did us a favour and bear in mind we still have the big guns to come back, Modric, Defoe, Dawson and Gomez so all in a good night for us and the boys.