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  • Layla Layla Sep 15, 2010 05:00 Flag


    we are all disapointed not to get 3 pts after going 2-0 up & it shows we still have a lot to learn.

    but a pt away to werder is a decent start & the other good news is inter & twente drew too.

    we did some really good stuff & some really poor stuff in the match.

    highlites were baleas always, crouch good all round game, king solid as ever & vdv some good creativity & also i didnt realise how hard he worked for the team.

    kaboul is growing on me despite his lack of concentration now & then. he will be a handy utility player who can play at RB too.
    maybe he is more suited to RB because of his concentration issues.

    jenas was hit & miss. i spat out my bourbon & cup of t when i saw he was in our line up.

    hudd drifted in & out of the game which still worrys me.

    lennon had a quiet game but he still a good threat outwide. teams seem to double up on him because they no corluka wont give him any support or overlap him.

    ekottos usually has a really good match or a really bad match. but today he did some really good things & some truely awful things (like his double mistake for the 1st goal).

    sorry to bore u all but corluka showed yet again how average he is. no support or overlaps to lennon which id accept if he was defensively so good(kind of like sagna). but he has good this bad habit of backing off & backing off whilst letting them get a free shot. & then when he did try to tackle he either fouled modrics twin or modric twin got past him.

    cudicini maybe could have done a bit better with both goals but certainly not keeping errors.
    il be glad when gomes is back because he can pull off wonder saves. cudicini's time is up.

    anyway well done for not falling apart at 2-2 & gaining our 1st CL pt.

    now lets go & get revenge on wolves & then knock the arse out the Carling Cup.

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    • And it's not all about speed. It helps, true, but reading the game and positional play is what tells the better player from the lesser. Look at King, not super fast, but he reads the game.

      I tell you what I thought (as an aside) was an interesting bit about 'defending' is the %age of tackles that we're winning - from the Wolves game stats on Yahoo:

      ...Spurs have won 80 per cent of their tackles this season, the highest proportion, whilst Wolves have won the lowest (64 per cent).....

      And that is without Palacios and with Hudd in the team (I only added that bit to bring a smile to your face ;-)) - but you wouldn't think with our light weight midfield (Modric, Lennon, Hudd, aren't known for their tackling - so it must be Bale pushing up the stats) and 'dodgy' full backs (both BAE and Corluka are not getting rave reviews here at the moment) - so that leaves the two centre backs - so three people are holding the team together. Have I interpreted the stats right?

    • Yes John you are right. I thought it was but you have reminded me. Young was ripping Zakorra apart so Arry took him off and put Charlie on. Young never got a kick after that. Everybody was saying afterwards how well Charlie played at RB against an England winger as well so he can't have become a bad player over night can he?

    • Wasn't that Villa and Ashley Young? Not bad putting someone as 'slow' as Corluka against one of the faster wingers..

    • Not ALL of your posts are boring SB. Some are completely mad and some are so way off beam they make me laugh. There is the occasional gem in there but my point was that your continual harping on about how bad Corluka is is boring - WE KNOW YOU DONT LIKE HIM!!!! OK??

      Don't get me wrong - I don't love him but there was one game last year when Zakorra was playing at RB and getting roasted and Corluka came on and played really well snuffing out the threat completely. Can't remember who it was against but Charlie changed the game so he can't be as bad as you think he is. And it was me that made the joke about him running like he has had a hip replacement by the way.

      There is one thing that is always the case about your posts though - as jimmy points out - they are ALL illiterate and look like they have been written by a 7 year old.

      I have tried really hard not to dislike you but you make it equally hard not to with your "if you don't like what I say put me on ignore" attitude. Is that how you portrayed yourself to that sick kid who you say "nicknamed" you Spursbabe?

      I bet your Parents are really proud. I know I would be if my kids were like you.

    • SB,
      I don't think you can argue the '...bigger team coming to buy our players...'. That is down to too many variables - and look back, when one of your favourites, 'Daffy', was up for sale a couple odf season back, was it Utd who bought him or Portsmouth? Does that say he's rubbish? When Keane was up for sale was it Liverpool or Birmingham who bought him? So does that make Keane 'better' than Daffy? Depends on what the manager is looking for, if they have a requirement in that position, how they think that player will 'blend' in with the team, and how much the player will cost compared to their overall budget.

      And that 'blend' bit isn't to be underestimated - as if a player doesn't blend (and they're 'top' class players), then they might as well be rubbish players (you can see so many examples of that) - and vice versa - mediocre players can still perform really well depending on who is around them (see the thread re Utd recently).

      So, no, I don't think that Corluka is as bad as you do, and I don't think Daffy is as good as you do, the same as I don't think Hudd is as bad as Sfer does and I don't think King is as good as you all do ;-)!

    • when you've got nothing to say.....
      hey SB, come on down to KM's bash, make my night.....

    • same old jimmy, always a drama queen.

    • you seriously must be mentally ill or blind - no-one seems to agree with you about last season, repeating something doesn't make it so....give it up...you're a joke! we don't have to ignore racism, we don't have to ignore child abuse - why should we have to ignore you?

    • if u think corluka has just been poor in the last game then i understand. but corluka has been vey average ever since he joined us. do u really think city are regretting selling him to us?
      do u really think if we put corluka up for sale a team as good or better than us would bid for him?

      i wasnt excusing lennons form. my point was if corluka offers nothing going foward & is defending poorly then what use is he?

      whatever good team do u know that uses a big slow player at full bk?

      & sfer its just as boring listening to u replying to my posts saying how boring my post it. ignore me if u are that bothered.

    • Good point John. Corluka may be going through a bad spell or he could be useless but my money is on a bad patch. He may not be SB's favourite but he has earnt his place at least at having a go at a first team place.

      You all know I really do not rate Hudd but I try and keep my criticism to a minimum as it can get very boring. SB please take note.

      Charlie had some good games last season and I am sure he will again.

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