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  • Old Fan Old Fan Sep 15, 2010 09:22 Flag


    Pretty much agree with your assessment SB - and with the rest of the folks on the board.
    As much as I was a big fan of Charlie Corluka - he has been atrocious for the most part this season. Even getting caught out of position, which was his strong point. Plus his distribution was crap - as was BAE's. The first goal was definitely down to BAE in every respect- from the hack at the ball that went backwards and out for their throw in, to the awful defending that allowed the goal.
    I am also liking Kaboul more and more, loving VdV, Bale gave his usual high standard of performance in all areas.
    For me - Lennon has lost pace and commitment this season - and has yet to have a half decent game. Keane - words fail me - if we include the pre-season, I do not think I have ever seen a striker miss so many open goals in so many games in all my years of watching football!
    All in all - if we had been offered a point at Bremen before the game I think I would have grabbed it and run like my hair was on fire! So I don't think we should be too disappointed - even though we really gave away two points this evening.
    Interesting to see that 'arry has not registered Sandro for our CL squad!
    Now Wolves followed by sticking it up the arse!

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