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  • Sfer Sfer Sep 16, 2010 18:19 Flag

    Were you watching Tottingham?

    Fab, I have always not been ashamed to say how some of Ar$e's football is a pleasure to watch and last nigfht was no exception. As usual, sometimes a little overdone in some cases but when it came off it was great.

    Braga were poor defensively but that does not take away the fact that they were outplayed.

    Only one disagreement though - I thought Arshavin was rubbish most of the first half and not much better thoughout the game. He hit several very bad passes and gave the ball away more than any other Ar$e player. Yes he scored but so he should from there. There was one classic shot of Whingers face just after Ashavin had hit his 3rd bad pass in a row. Don't get me wrong, I think he is a great player but he is off form for what ever reason.

    Well done last night and our upcoming derby should be interesting!

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    • just shows what a joke the contadiction league.

      champions of 3rd hit 6 past the champions of 6.
      chelsea smash 4 away from home.

      this is meant to be the toughest best teams in europe.

      instead they pad it out with group games so theres more games & more money.

      the worse part of missing out on a CL spot should be u miss out on a chance to win it, but the reality is its the money u miss out!

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      • contradiction league*

        do do do do do the contradiction

      • SB,
        But everyone knows that the CL is just a money making exercise - that's why the clubs want to be in it. It's nowt to do with pitting your wits at club level - it's simply the extra dosh it brings in. And once you're in it, and you can establish yourself in it, the seeding system makes it more likely that you'll earn big bucks - and you can then but the best players to make sure that you're in it next season.

        It's like a 'gentleman's club'.

        PS it doesn't even guarantee any better (I should say more exciting) football than you'll see down the park. The whole myth of the higher the League, the more exciting the football is a complete nonsense (I would only agree that you will see more technically competent players at the higher level - as that is what the top teams buy).

      • i agree ,they play superb football.....slick,fast a joy to watch.....so do we .....but we both rarely win anything....unjust