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  • Layla Layla Sep 16, 2010 18:36 Flag

    Were you watching Tottingham?

    just shows what a joke the contadiction league.

    champions of 3rd hit 6 past the champions of 6.
    chelsea smash 4 away from home.

    this is meant to be the toughest best teams in europe.

    instead they pad it out with group games so theres more games & more money.

    the worse part of missing out on a CL spot should be u miss out on a chance to win it, but the reality is its the money u miss out!

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    • contradiction league*

      do do do do do the contradiction

    • SB,
      But everyone knows that the CL is just a money making exercise - that's why the clubs want to be in it. It's nowt to do with pitting your wits at club level - it's simply the extra dosh it brings in. And once you're in it, and you can establish yourself in it, the seeding system makes it more likely that you'll earn big bucks - and you can then but the best players to make sure that you're in it next season.

      It's like a 'gentleman's club'.

      PS it doesn't even guarantee any better (I should say more exciting) football than you'll see down the park. The whole myth of the higher the League, the more exciting the football is a complete nonsense (I would only agree that you will see more technically competent players at the higher level - as that is what the top teams buy).

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      • John/SB

        Are you in favour of making the PL only 10 or 12 teams strong? That is what it sounds like as you only want to watch the top teams play each other in the CL so why not the PL?

        Yes the CL is all about making money but so is the PL and every other league. That does not mean teams like Braga and Blackpool don't deserve their chance does it?

        Exciting or better games are not all about watching the suppossed "best" sides - it all depends on who you support. I bet the supporters of Torquay think that some of their games each season are more exciting and better than some of those between Chelsea and Manure. Thats the way it is.

        The way you have put it you only think th ewinners of each league should go through to the group stages of the CL. How boring and ultimately negative would that be FFS!

    • i agree ,they play superb football.....slick,fast a joy to watch.....so do we .....but we both rarely win anything....unjust

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      • I don’t think the CL is a whole waste of time, i think its more of a joke .I think its too much about money & the whole system of the competition is a joke.

        Why would i want to put it on ignore. I love football so il watch any football competition even if i don’t agree with it.
        i love the idea of Europeans finest testing themselves to see who is the best in Europe. But i really hate the way they have formulated the competition.

        & sfer i don’t know why u are going on about my theory with group stages as iv already said they should do away with group stages & it should be a straight 2 leg knock out.

        Another thing that is wrong & is in favour of the CL teams is the stupid rule where if u finish 3rd u go into the uefa cup. What a load of crap that is. That makes no sense. Its just the UEFA money men are scared 1 of their beloved big guns will underperform in the groups. So this way they get a 2nd chance & it keeps them in Europe.

        If u like watching teams get smashed 6-0 , 5-1 & even losing 4-1 at home then thats up to u.
        I hate 1 sided games (unless its us of course) so I didn’t even bother watching the Chelsea or arsenal game as i knew it would be a hammering before it began.