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  • Kentish Maid Kentish Maid Sep 17, 2010 19:33 Flag

    Were you watching Tottingham?

    I have to say that until UEFA fiddled with the format I was happy for the Champions to go into the European Cup and 2nd, 3rd, 4th and the Cup Winners to go into the UEFA Cup.

    That said, I'm glad we've got our chance to perform at the top table in Europe and hope we continue to acquit ourselves well and not throw away 2-goal leads.

    SB I'm with you on the 3rd placed team dropping down to the UEFA Cup. We got knocked out at least once a few seasons ago by a drop-out team (Sevilla I believe?) who then went on to win it in that 1-sided final v Middlesborough. I've said before that it's totally unfair that sides who qualify by right for the UEFA Cup should be knocked out by a side which isn't good enough for the CL. And, again, I'll say that if it happens to Spurs I'd still think the same. We have to be good enough to get 2nd or even 1st in our group to move to the knock-out stages and dropping down to the UEFA would be like rubbing salt into the wound of failure.