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  • Kentish Maid Kentish Maid Sep 16, 2010 20:27 Flag

    I've been thinking ...

    ... yes I have a brain you know and have occasionally been known to use it!

    Since for the most part we all seem to enjoy the lively banter on this board, the "odd disagreement" on certain players/tactics etc aside, what do you think about arranging a get-together some time in the future?

    Some of us might want to remain anonymous or maintain an air of mystique about themselves/others, but I think it could be a laugh - you could find out whether I really do look like Michael Dawson as HighRoad once suggested ;-)

    Finding such a place might be difficult and from a purely selfish point of view London would be my choice - though some might think it's too far to travel.

    If it's a goer, we could maybe pick an away game date to watch in a pub/bar then dissect the performance over a few bevies.

    Tell me if you think it's a waste of time - I can take it, honest!

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