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  • Sfer Sfer Sep 27, 2010 18:22 Flag

    No more SB posts please

    arry shuld av sold bentley for 7mil and keane fr 8 mil and bought another cb and a lb cos ekoto is not consistent enough.

    arry shuld not ave changed the team against Ar$enal and shuld be goin for every competitioncos we spurs fans deserve that.

    Defoe is World class and will get su 20 goals every season. we cant win anyfing wivout defoe. arry should ave bought anofer striker in the summer

    everybdoy on ere that disagrees wiv me is arrogant. I know best cos I work at OT. I cant beleve arry did not do wot i said and sold the dead wood and bougt anofer striker and anover Cb and anover Lb and sold keane jenas and bentley. insted he pays bentley loads of money to sit on the bench.

    Pav is not good enuf for the PL. Corloka is useless, everbody knmows that. why does arry keep playing em?? he does not link up wiv lennon and he is lazy and slow and cant pass. arry should ave got anover RB in the summer.

    I am sorry if I missed any insightful and thought provoking utterances from SB. I have tried to encompass every thought and REPEATED comments from her but some may have slipped the net.

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    • FYI SB, I was responding to your critique of the West Ham game - I was in the US until Tuesday and hadn't read the thread...

    • Bullying takes many forms, your post demonstrates many characteristics of a typical bully and your continued attempts at juvenille insults are obviously designed to deflect attention away from your own behaviours. social services no, 30 years in hr yes. i would describe 2 years posting here as long term yes. prolific?, regular? you're making things up now because i said nothing of the sort.by the way it's definitely, guardian and contributor.

    • its a link for jimmy, after he said this.

      oh how I wish that were true....
      get your facts right darlin, I only respond to your obsessive dislike of Corluka, week in, week out...if you don't like it, you know what you can do...
      there's only one mentally deficient, illiterate moaner on this board

    • This is getting weirder by the post! A link to another thread - thanks SB.

      I offered to apologise if you thought I was OTT in my original post and you chose to ignore that offer and instead wrote some absolutely ridiculous commentary that did not make any sense whatsoever.

      You say that you are not going to comment or bother about anything I or jimmy write and then you go and post something like this re going to Starbucks - whats that all about? Which is it going to be?

      Just because a few here have said my post was out of order don't mistake that for support of all your views and child like posts. I have defended your right to post in the past when others on here were attacking you but I am getting tired of your hypocracy.

      My beef with you is your constant bitch1ng about the same old things. I can live with the illiteracy and the poor grammar whilst I think jimmy does not like the arrogance with which you sometimes post as if your opinion is the only one that counts.

      Your choice now SB. Just because you are female and planks like Kevin think it is their moral duty to defend any female does not mean I will back down and let you have it both ways. Either ignore me and do what you say you are going to do or put up with the stick you get without playing the defenceless little girl.

      I wish now I had entitled the post " No more of the same posts SB please" and that little word "same" might have meant people like beni might not have got upset but its too late for that.

    • Kevin - you clearly read what you want to read and make your own stupid assumptions. Lets remember, you were the one who started the abuse and if you think my original post was "bullying" you definately are a leftie. Work in Social Services do we?

      The very Title has a "please" in it FFS. How many cases of bullying do you know where the bully says please? No swearing, no shouting just a mimic of her and a request. Call me the one who is trying to be a guradian of what is allowed or not- look closer to home idiot.

      As for you claim of being a long term contributer to this board - I hardly call 16 posts being either prolific or regular. By the way its "embarrassing". Can see why you thought it was your duty to defend SB. Oh for more people like you and the World would be such a better place.

      You are pathetic Kevin.

    • fair enough mate, take care

    • that was going so well until your final paragraph. it now seems you are taking some credit for bullying sb into no longer repeating herself.. !! Bizarre. it seems from many of your recent posts that you spend a lot of time defending yourself about comments you have made and come across as some self appointed, alpha male, guardian of this board. Your attempts at gathering your 'clique' to support you in this thread have been embarassing to say the least, i accept that anything else i say on this board from now will be a waste of time so will bow out (dis)gracefully, for now.

    • i can understand that ur opinion of SB is strong and im not saying we all have to get along and agree just the thread sfer posted was wrong . maybe the content was wasnt that bad a dig at style and opinions but the title was out of order. anyway ive said my piece and hope that we can all just consentrate on what could be a amazing champs league run.

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