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    Next weekend fixtures. 16/17th

    I am not sure but I think this is a bit odd. You have to go down the positions to 11th (Sunderland) before you find a team not involved against a top half team. It is

    1st V 8th
    2nd V 9th
    3rd V 6th
    4th V 16th
    5th V 10th

    the odd one out there being 4th (Ar$e) against 16th (Birmingham) and there is one "mid table" game with 7th V 12th.

    and at the other end you have

    11th V 13th
    14th V 15th
    17th V 18th
    19th V 20th

    If the results go the way most would predict the top 5 won't change but there could be the first signs of a gap growing after that because the top teams are playing the closest set after them.

    Strange that the best "clash" is at the other end of the table with Wolves V West Ham and L'Pool playing Everton. I would go with an Everton win which slaps even more pressure on Hodgson and Pool.

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    • thanks for your kind offer of a 'talk'. i would love to 'talk' with you. i am not in a position to travel but you can find me on the cancer and haematology ward at university college hospital, euston road, london. better make it quick though because it is unlikely i will be here for xmas.

      i very much look forward to 'talking' to you.

    • "diddums"!!! You are 65 not six and a half FFS.

      Now I have to say that all of your attention is very flattering and I do appreciate your witty comments and side splitting humour, I really do but it's getting a bit stalkerish now.

      Exactly what are you a self-made business man in - personal alarms! Surveillance tactics! Peep hole camera's! Surely that wife/sister of yours that loves you so much must be able to find something worthwhile for you to do other than make other peoples flesh crawl.

      Honestly, you Norfolk folk really are a breed apart aren't you. If you are looking for a friend Kevin is on the look out. I know he claims to be a Spurs supporter but you two have so much in common I am sure you will get on like a scene out of "One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest".

    • Had to laugh though, cos being a woman this thread went right over my head.....but agree with Old Fan, can't wait for next game. It's really annoying these internationals just when we are building up a head of steam, but suppose gives our injured a chance to get fit.

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      • Those injured ok international duty you mean? Mutter mutter grumble grumble. I don't mind too much, I do think it should be country over club, it's just a pain.

        It is interesting about the fixtures though, especially at this stage in the season. I suspect Wolves-WH could be a tasty one. Fingers crossed we'll start getting some defenders back soon and really showing what we can do. It's funny, Defoe must've for a horrible feeling of deja vu when he got injured and saw Keane waiting on the sidelines, he must be breathing quite the sigh of relief!

    • Bloody 'ell lads - I can't wait two weeks for the next game so we can get back to talking about football rather than bitchin' snipin' and waving our johnsons at each other!

    • how much time do you have?
      I mean studying fixtures is a bit mass murderish, isn't it?
      someone who has a mum cooking for them or dare i say it no gf & just paying for it via adultwork.com

      i fear for you. I shall say a prayer now. Maybe something from Leviticus or Psalms

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      • I have quite a bit of time actually. I have my own company but I am also semi retired and at 51 that is not bad. At 65 so should you be shouldn't you? I have a wife who I love very much, a detached house in the New Forest, 3 fantastic kids and a Villa in Spain.

        I might choose to spend too much time looking at things related to football/Spurs but what I don't do is waste my time going on the Ar$e board for example and post inane comments - now that is sad!