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  • Layla Layla Oct 27, 2010 01:23 Flag

    Controversial team selection for utd away

    Miss negative is back to annoy u all with this controversial idea.
    Utd away we always lose & just 3days later we have inter at home.
    So why not play a 2nd 11 against utd & save our 1st 11 against inter.

    Defeat away to utd is not the end of the world but inter at home is a must win game in my eyes.
    Yes we have improved & have the ability to get a result at utd but for whatever reason (lack of belief or shocking ref decisions) we never seem to even manage a draw.

    Normally id say play our strongest 11 but with inter straight after i think we have to prioritise.
    I don’t think we are quite at the level to win both 1 after the other especially without key CBs & main goalscorer missing.

    Iv just got a bad feeling we will play our strongest 11 against utd & pick up more injuries, dominate long spells but not be clinical enough & then utd will attack for a short spell & with the help of a ref be more clinical.

    Utd away,
    Corluka bassong gallas & sandro
    Bentley Wilson jenas niko
    Keane Pav

    Inter home,
    Hutton king (if fit) kaboul ekotto
    Lennon hudd modric bale

    If harry plays our strongest 11 in both & we win both then il look even more stupid than normal.

    But if we lose to utd away, pick up a few injuries & then lose to inter at home i will think maybe there was something in what i said to do.

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    • I really was trying to be constructive; I'd intentionally not replied to the content of your post as I'd wanted to wait until I had the time to really think about it and not take it at the skim read value. I'm aware you can get some grief and I was genuinely trying to make you aware of why it comes across that way.

      You can get pissy and talk about me having selective memory if you like, it's no skin off my nose; I'm just trying to help you see how you get misinterpreted.

    • & equally non blonde, u choose to ignore all the times iv said i was wrong.

      a lot of good good things harry has done i wouldnt have done.

      but in a few wks time im sure u will again choose to ignore that statement.

      the other wk i said i woul have took bale off as soon as we went 3-0 down & saved him for the next match.

      he went on to get a great hatrick. if i was manager he wouldnt have even been on the pitch.

      so again i was wrong.

      & again im sure u will choose to ignore me saying i was wrong in a few wks.

      il leave u to your selective memory u so enjoy.

      & fab if u actually read what i posted then u will know its uncomparable to leeds & simon grayson.

      i said normally id always go to old trafford with my strongest team but this was unique because 3 days later we have a must win game against inter.

      utd away & inter at home 3 days later are very rare!

      if i had said we are rubbish 7 should always put out a weak team at old trafford then i would understand your point.

      but i said nothing of the sort.

      this is a 1 off situation. we may never be away to utd 3 days before a CL game for decades.

      & for leeds im sure they didnt have inter at home a few days later?

      & that was a knock out competition where if u lose u are out.

      im talking about an away game in a league of 38 games.
      a defeat away to utd is affordable.

      so think carefully fab before u do such poor comparisons.

    • nbr, your point about SB's negativity is justified.

      Could you imagine what would have happened if Simon Grayson, the current Leeds United manager, told his players to adopt the same defeatist mentality when they were drawn away to Man U at Old Trafford in the FA Cup last January?

      Leeds went to Old Trafford with the right positive attitude and were rewarded for their positive believe..... you will win NOTHING if you go into a match with a negative frame of mind, believing your CRAP.

    • SB, I'm not trying to get at you when I say this, but... when you come on here after we've lost, especially with the final goal being so dodgy, and say things like:

      "i was right after all... now we are a bit more tired & could lose VDV for the sake of another lose to utd."

      it comes across as you saying:

      "what a shit team, I knew they were too rubbish to even think about getting a result, and if any of you had half the brains of me you'd know it too and would slate them instead of watching them. The manager, the board and the players should all fuck off and let me do their jobs, cos they're clearly incompetent and I'm shit hot at this football malarkey".

      That might not be what you mean, but that is how it comes across and that's why people often think that you are negative about the team.

      As I say, I'm not trying to get at you, I'm trying to point out why people can find your posts frustrating.

    • i meant hindsight not hand.

      before a few of u get over excited.

    • Don't forget Man U have a Champs game as well so they will have one eye on that considering they have not done as well as expected.

      Premier games arte the priority regardless off who we play.

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      • Rambro, im not saying throw in the towel. I just think the inter game is a lot more important & giving the main players a rest could be the difference.
        My point wasn’t injuries, it was more the benefit they would get with an extra few days off.
        Personally rambro, if i were mick mcarthy & utd won the league by a pt last yr, i wouldn’t have cared 1 bit. U got to put your own clubs interest first. Also i don’t think we have to worry about finishing ahead of utd just yet. We aren’t quite at there level yet rambro!
        & don’t worry about your last comment. We know what u are like & we know u would never belittle a passing of a spurs fan.
        Calgary, the difference is utd are playing a Turkish team & can afford to lose & still will top the group comfortable. Whereas we are playing the European champions.
        Also id put champions league & premiership games as equal priority.
        What makes u put the premiership as priority over the champions league?

      • SB, this is beyond controversial - honestly, I'm not having a dig but were you not beaten enough as a child?
        this isn't even our 2nd XI, if such a thing even exists with modern day squad rotation....

    • SB - I'm only going to say this...at the beginning of last season, I did a scan of our fixtures for the season and what did I see?...I saw the run-in from hell...the run in that many of us thought we couldn't overcome to achieve that coveted 4th position. Going into April we had Sunderland away, then 2 London Derbies (one being N. London Derby), and then back N. to United...we lost to United, as, and as you pointed out, we usually do for one reason or another (in this case I throw in fatigue as yet anotehr factor). But we did beat neighbours in Red & White and our W. london neighbours (and eventual champions) in Blue & White. Yes they, Man U are our bogey team at the moment, but throw in the towel. I think we should be positive and not withdraw players out of fear...some players fall down a flight of stairs at home or get hurt in training or pre-game warm-ups...we can't wrap them in cotton for protection (and remember the 3-points Mick McCarthy gave United by fielding a weakend side...what a commotion that would have been if United won the league by a point or two...yes McCarthy's aims where a little different but we will sh1t if Man U for what ever reason come fourth a couple of points ahead of us, won't we).

      All that to say I disagree...if injuries happen, then we'll never know will we (just like Citeh don't know after having a player sent off in the first 5 minutes on Sunday). There are players you can switch, but there are players you can't...Gomes, VDV and Bale are the latter (athough Cudicini didn't do too badly in Milan considering the circumstances).
      I'm rambling, I know (I do this in honour of Berlinspur, who used to get on me about it). Wonder if anyone'll know if I croak?