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  • not_blonde_really not_blonde_really Oct 31, 2010 21:17 Flag

    Controversial team selection for utd away

    SB, I'm not trying to get at you when I say this, but... when you come on here after we've lost, especially with the final goal being so dodgy, and say things like:

    "i was right after all... now we are a bit more tired & could lose VDV for the sake of another lose to utd."

    it comes across as you saying:

    "what a shit team, I knew they were too rubbish to even think about getting a result, and if any of you had half the brains of me you'd know it too and would slate them instead of watching them. The manager, the board and the players should all fuck off and let me do their jobs, cos they're clearly incompetent and I'm shit hot at this football malarkey".

    That might not be what you mean, but that is how it comes across and that's why people often think that you are negative about the team.

    As I say, I'm not trying to get at you, I'm trying to point out why people can find your posts frustrating.