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  • keane has been poor ever since he came back from liverpool.

    he had a chance to impress yesterday but he had no impact at all.

    we arent judging him on 60mins, we are judging him on his performances ever since he came back.

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    • Somehow it never appears to work when a player returns to a former club. Nowt to do with ability but the mental factor. He has to achieve his previous level or better and the fans are sitting impatiently in judgement.

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      • Alan,
        Totally agree. I'm not sure Keane should've come back and I won't be surprised to see him go again, but still while the man is here I think he should be judged on a run in the team - not the odd half hour here and there (that must be a nightmare for a striker - the main strikers haven't scored in 60 minutes, and then you're expected to come on and make an impact in half that time).
        I was even more surprised given that Daffy/Crouch seem to be a preferred pairing for 'arry anyway.

        Isn't there now talk of him going to Juventus?

    • SB,
      Ok - what then is your assessment of Crouch and Pav? I must have missed the bit where they have been banging in the goals (how many of our strikers have scored against Utd away anyway?).
      And how are you assessing Keane when he then hasn't played a third of what Crouch has?
      I say again, Keane has played roughly 30 minutes for each game where he has been brought on (and only 2 of those were starts). I bet he wasn't even warm.

      As for 'since he came back from Liverpool) - last season he had half the playing time of Crouch and scored 9 compared to Crouch's 13.

      So what does that make of Crouch for the same period (ie last season and this)?

      You may be 100% right and Keane may have lost it (although he still scored for Celtic when he got playing time) - but I just don't see how on earth you can assess someone who isn't playing regularly (especially a striker). Much akin to the crap that was peddled about Bale a while back - he was rubbish, couldn't attack, couldn't defend and it was his fault that the team lost when he played.

      So what do you expect? - if Keane actually scored when he plays for 30 mins, his strike rate would have to be phenomenal..

      I would say the same about Pav - he hasn't had the starts to prove himself. BUT I would take 'arry's judgement based on what he sees on the training ground as well as playing time.